VLADIMIR GUERRERO Jr 1st hr home run GAME USED 2nd BASE 5/14 MLB Authenticated For Sale

VLADIMIR GUERRERO Jr 1st hr home run GAME USED 2nd BASE 5/14 MLB Authenticated

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VLADIMIR GUERRERO Jr 1st hr home run GAME USED 2nd BASE 5/14 MLB Authenticated:

Winning buyer will receive this GAME USED MLB authenticated BASE (2nd base) from VLADIMIR GUERRERO JR., super rookie 3rd baseman for the Toronto Blue Jays, FIRST MLB HOME RUN game. This game used 2nd base was in play when Guerrero Jr. hit his first career major league home run in the first inning vs. the San Francisco Giants on May 14, 2019. Aside from the actual home run ball, the bat used to hit the home run and the jersey/pants/cap that Jr. wore during that at bat, this base is probably the rarest item available for Jr.'s historic home run. Only 1st and 2nd base were made available by the Giants to the public, as third base went to the Jays. Again, this is the 2nd base that Jr. touched as he rounded the bases during his FIRST major league home run. Most of Jr.'s highly desirable collectors items have been retained by him and kept in his family, so this may be the most desirable Guerrero Jr.'s collectible available to the general public...for the ultimate collector. Imagine if Guerrero Jr. goes down in MLB history as one of the most prolific home run hitters ever...and you, owning one of three bases he touched on the day of his very first major league home run trot around the bases! The base as you can tell shows much use as the weather was overcast that day, so a lot of dirt/mud remain on the base as well as in the plastic bag covering. A good amount of the infield dirt will be shipped to the winning buyer's destination as well!
The MLB hologram on the BASE corresponds to a specific number identifying the baseball in Major League Baseball (MLB) authentication system (see www mlb.com/authentication). The unique id number can then be cross checked on the authentication site to show the base's usage during the May 14th game (it was used only in the 1st inning when Jr. hit his first home run - after the 1st inning, this 2nd base was pulled from play and authenticated). This system of authentication is just as reliable if not even more reliable than a piece of paper COAs which can be easily duplicated. The unique hologram can not be duplicated.
Guerrero, at the ripe age of 19 in 2018, was named Minor League Player of the year by Baseball America. He is the top hitting prospect at the minor league level right now and looks to break through with the major league club sometime in 2019. Vlad Jr.'s biggest skill is his hitting tools, as demonstrated by his .381 batting average in 2018 at AA and AAA minor league level. For a good portion of 2018, Vlad Jr. was hovering at the magical .400 batting average mark. Lock in Guerrero Jr.'sitems now before he heats up and put up incredible stats on his way to winning the AL Rookie of the Year! I collect Ronald Acuna items and may do a partial for some of his stuff towards this item.
California residents will need to pay sales tax. Buyers outside of the US will need to pay international shipping via 's Global shipping program which will be an additional shipping charge.There is no return for this item so please look carefully before buying. A portion of the proceeds from this listing will be sent to the world relief organization World Help. I am partnering with them to build a deep bore water well in a 3rd world country. This water well will provide clean/usable water for a community of up to 1000 people! Thanks in advance for your contribution towards this cause.
Update 8/16/20 - as has required me to switch over to "managed payment", I will need to adjust each of my listings one at a time for the charitable contribution part.  Though my listings now do not say so specifically about the charity contribution, I will continue to deduct 10% off every sale and send those proceeds to the clean water organization that helps build water wells in parts of the world that needs clean water for daily living.  So rest assure that 10% of your purchase is going to that cause.  Fundraising recently completed funds needed for water well #3 so thank you to everyone that has bought over the last 4 years...you played a part in that!  Going forward, we will begin fundraising for water well #4 and possibly also contributing to the daily operating costs of running a 30 child orphanage that I have known over the past 10 years in Mexico.
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