The Robinson Cano Sweepstakes

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It isn’t breaking news that Robinson Cano is one of the best players in all of baseball. He has been excelling for the Yankees for the better part of the last decade, and as a power hitting second baseman, his skills are rare. As the biggest fish in the free agent pond this offseason, Cano is looking to cash in big-time. In a strange move, Cano has ditched super-agent Scott Boras in favor of rapper-turned-businessman Jay-Z. The idea of Jay-Z sitting down with some of the general managers and owners around the league is an entertaining thought all of its own. Cano, and Jay-Z, have floated the idea of landing a contract north of $300 million in total value. Crazy? Maybe, but then again maybe not.

Abundance of Riches

The game of baseball has never been wealthier than it is right now. Revenues are at an all time high, attendance is strong, TV ratings are up, and on and on. In short, it is a good time to be a baseball player. As it relates to Cano, it is a great time to be a free agent with a great track record of reliable and durable performance. Great canosecond basemen are hard to find, and ones of Cano’s level are basically once-in-a-generation players. This is obviously a player that is going to land a giant contract, no matter which uniform he happens to put on.

Sustained Greatness

On the most visible team in the most visible market in the league, somehow Robinson Cano has flown slightly under the radar. The last time Cano missed more than three games in a season? 2006. This isn’t Cal Ripken, but pretty darn close. During that span, Cano has only hit below .300 once, and that was five years ago. He has amassed 200+ homers and has a career OPS of .860. The numbers on the back of his baseball card are so consistent they almost seem like a misprint. There should be no mistake when considering the talents of Cano – he is truly one of the very best players in the game.

Potential Suitors

It seems inevitable that Cano will go back to the Yankees, because it doesn’t seem like they ever let a great player like this get away. However, with the Yankees insistence on getting below the luxury tax number next season, it might not be as sure a thing as it seems from the outside. Also, there is the Jay Z factor to consider. This is his first free agent negotiation, and his first chance to make a big splash. Can he convince a team in another market to take the leap on Cano and sign a contract near that $300 million mark? Not only would that mean a huge payday, but it would also put him in position to land future clients impressed with his work. The Rangers, Mariners, Dodgers, and others have all been tossed out as possible landing spots, but only time will tell where, and for how much, Robinson Cano will sign on the dotted line.


Items to Protect Baseball Collectibles

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Best Ways to Protect Baseball Collectibles

One of the great things about being a baseball fan is that there are many fantastic collectibles to choose from.  Once you get a baseball collectible, what do you do with them?  Do you stuff them away in some trunk or shoe box?  Many people who have baseball collectibles do this, and it is not a good thing to do.  Why?  The item will deteriorate over time if it is not maintained properly, and simply storing it away without any regards to protecting it will not only cause you to lose enjoyment of it in its current condition but there will also be money lost as well.  Instead of having to go through the disappointment of finding your collectibles to be in severely bad shape, make sure to get proper protection for them.  Here are five great ways to protect baseball collectibles.

Baseball Holder

A baseball holder is a great option for any baseball you may own, whether it is a foul ball or an autographed one.  There are also holders that have a combination of both a baseball and a baseball card; so for instance, if you have an autographed baseball and card from someone it would be best to get this combination.  If you have multiple baseballs there are many sports collectibles places that have a multiple baseball display case.  To preserve the life of the ball it is always best to get a baseball holder, and they can range anywhere from around a dollar to over one hundred dollars depending on how much you are looking to invest.


Pocket Pages

Pocket pages are a great way to protect baseball cards that are of some value.  These pages usually come with 9 pockets, although there are some on the market today that have as many as 20.  One of the great things about pocket pages is that they are relatively cheap – one can purchase a page for around a quarter.


Card Sleeves

Card sleeves are especially for those who don’t have very many baseball cards but are looking for a safe way to protect them from the elements.  One can find packs of them for less than a dollar at most stores today, so they are a viable alternative to pocket pages.


Toploaders are for baseball cards that are more valuable than usual.  For instance, they may be a rookie card or a game worn jersey card.  One can find basic toploaders at a sports collectible store for around fifty cents.  Here is some advice: to get added protection for the card, it is always best to put the card in a card sleeve first and then put it in a toploader.  That way you have double protection for the card.  If you have a thick baseball card that may not fit inside of a regular toploader there are thick card toploaders available for around four dollars for a pack of 10.  Lastly, there are much bigger toploaders available for both regular sized pictures and documents if you are a collector of them.  These types of toploaders are a bit more expensive and can be priced around the thirty dollar range.  It is well worth the cost though if the collectible you have is at least somewhat rare.

Snaps and Holders

The ultimate protection one can provide for their baseball cards is an acrylic card holder, which is priced around four dollars just for one of them.  If you are not looking for something that fancy then a screw holder or mini snap should do the trick.  A screw holder can keep a baseball card in place better and a lot longer than a mini snap can do, and costs about fifty cents more than a mini snap does.  In any case you can be assured that your baseball card is well protected and will last for many years into the future.

Brooks Robinson Game Worn Signed Jersey 1977 Orioles

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Take a look at this authentic jersey worn by Brooks Robinson while he played for the 1977 Orioles. His autograph was obtained and is in clear blue ink on the front of the jersey. Brooks Robinson played for the Baltimore Orioles and was a member of the 1966 and 1970 World Champion teams. Brooks is also a member of the National Baseball Hall of Fame. Although we doubt you would actually wear this jersey, the size is a 42 and produced by Rawlings. This jersey is available on eBay for $14,995.

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