Russia Coca-Cola Athens 2004 Olympic Wreath FULL 330ml 11oz Can Genuine Russian For Sale

Russia Coca-Cola Athens 2004 Olympic Wreath FULL 330ml 11oz Can Genuine Russian

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Russia Coca-Cola Athens 2004 Olympic Wreath FULL 330ml 11oz Can Genuine Russian:

Full, Brand New Can of Genuine Russian “9 Rouble” Coca Cola Commemorative Athens 2004 Olympics “Olympic Wreath” - from Novosibirsk (East Siberian) Russia.

Four Panel Can. One side reads “Coca-Cola” (in English). One side reads “Athens 2004 – Coca Cola – Worldwide Partner”. One side depicts the “emblem” of the Olympics, an olive branch wreath. The last side gives bottling information (in Cyrillic).

NOTE: This offering is for ONE collectible can. It is NOT for a six-pack. NOT for a 12 pack. NOT for a truckload. It is for ONE collectible can, as stated.

FAQ: Why So Expensive?

Frequently traveling to Russia fifteen years ago a number of my friends, die-hard Coca-Cola collectors, would ask me to bring back hard-to-find cans of Russian Coca-Cola which commemorated the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens, Greece. Here’s one of the varieties, a full 0.33 litre can of a special promotional Russian Coca-Cola depicting the “emblem” of the Olympic games, an olive branch wreath. Not only does this can commemorate the Olympic Games, it is also a promotional “9 Rouble” can which commemorates the battle between giants Coca-Cola and Pepsi. Battling rival Pepsi for the market in Russia, Coca-Cola recently introduced a special 9 Rouble “Suggested Retail Price” on their products. Of course, despite heavy advertising it is a “suggested” price. We purchased them at a store very similar to a Costco, or Sam’s Club/Wal*Mart – and they were 9.50 roubles.

Coca-Cola is not only locked in a fierce battle with Pepsi in Russia, but must also compete against locally produced soda pop which costs only one-third that of Coke or Pepsi. The price of 9 roubles is only about 30 cents in America. But to a Russian bank teller (for example), it is two hours wages. Bottled in Novosibirsk, Russia (in Eastern Siberia), the unopened can is entirely written in Cyrillic characters with the exception of the words \"Coca-Cola\", “Coke”, and “Athens 2004”. The can is in great condition, no big dents or big scratches, just the normal minor marks of distribution through the retail chain. As you can see, the background of the can is colored with alternating swirled bands of red (subtlety different shades) with lots of carbonation bubbles depicted – a quite festive appearance.

The can is divided into four “faces”. One face shows the name “Coca-Cola” written vertically in the trademark script, in English, with very small print below stating in Cyrillic (Russian) characters “registered trademark”. The opposite panel is divided into three colored horizontal bands, blue, red, and yellow. The blue upper band bears in English characters “Athens 2004”, along with the five circle Olympic logo and the tip of an olive branch. The most interesting panel is blue in color, and depicts an Olympic Wreath. In large Cyrillic (Russian) letters it is titled “Emblem of Olympic Games”. The panel (written entirely in Cyrillic) states: “olive leaf wreath or ‘kotinos’, which was given to the first Olympic winners in ancient Greece composed of branches of the sacred tree of the city of Athens and symbolized the union of the world and the connection of the past with the present”.

The fact that this is a special promotional can of course jumps right out at you. Two of the three “faces” have a very large “9 pyb” on a yellow stylized bulls eye. Of course, the characters are Cyrillic. The characters “pyb” actually translate to “r-oo-b” or “r-u-b”, short for rouble – 9 roubles. In small print beneath the “9 pyb” it states (in Cyrillic) “recommended retail price”. Then complimenting the yellow bulls eye is a wide yellow band at the top of the can stating, in Cyrillic, “advantage price” – or “profitable price”. We could translate that as perhaps “special price” – a favorable price which will still leave you with money. The last face of the can, the “back” if you will, states “Coke” in white. The rest of the can is all Cyrillic characters and contains bottling information and the contact information for Coca-Cola in Moscow; including snail mail address, email address, and telephone numbers. Russian Coca-Cola cans are much in demand, and given the low numbers of tourists to Russia, are one of the more difficult specimens to collect – especially the 2004 Athens Olympic Games series.

Bottled in Eastern Siberia in Novosirbirsk, this can was purchased in Southern Siberia in West-Central Russia…at the end of a very long and slow distribution chain. Nonetheless, despite the challenges of infrastructure and a product three times more costly than locally produced soda beverages, Pepsi and Coca-Cola slug it out in Siberia just as aggressively as they do in Detroit, Los Angeles, Chicago, or New York. And here’s a great little souvenir of “war” in Russia circa, as well as a unique souvenir of the 2004 Athens Olympic Games.

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ABOUT US: Prior to our retirement we used to travel to Eastern Europe and Central Asia several times a year seeking antique gemstones and jewelry from the globe’s most prolific gemstone producing and cutting centers. Most of the items we offer came from acquisitions we made in Eastern Europe, India, and from the Levant (Eastern Mediterranean/Near East) during these years from various institutions and dealers. Much of what we generate on Etsy, Amazon and goes to support worthy institutions in Europe and Asia connected with Anthropology and Archaeology. Though we have a collection of ancient coins numbering in the tens of thousands, our primary interests are ancient/antique jewelry and gemstones, a reflection of our academic backgrounds.

Though perhaps difficult to find in the USA, in Eastern Europe and Central Asia antique gemstones are commonly dismounted from old, broken settings – the gold reused – the gemstones recut and reset. Before these gorgeous antique gemstones are recut, we try to acquire the best of them in their original, antique, hand-finished state – most of them originally crafted a century or more ago. We believe that the work created by these long-gone master artisans is worth protecting and preserving rather than destroying this heritage of antique gemstones by recutting the original work out of existence. That by preserving their work, in a sense, we are preserving their lives and the legacy they left for modern times. Far better to appreciate their craft than to destroy it with modern cutting.

Not everyone agrees – fully 95% or more of the antique gemstones which come into these marketplaces are recut, and the heritage of the past lost. But if you agree with us that the past is worth protecting, and that past lives and the produce of those lives still matters today, consider buying an antique, hand cut, natural gemstone rather than one of the mass-produced machine cut (often synthetic or “lab produced”) gemstones which dominate the market today. We can set most any antique gemstone you purchase from us in your choice of styles and metals ranging from rings to pendants to earrings and bracelets; in sterling silver, 14kt solid gold, and 14kt gold fill. When you purchase from us, you can count on quick shipping and careful, secure packaging. We would be happy to provide you with a certificate/guarantee of authenticity for any item you purchase from us. There is a $3 fee for mailing under separate cover. I will always respond to every inquiry whether via email or message, so please feel free to write.

How did we get \"into\" soda pop cans? Pepsi and Coca-Cola are probably the most instantly recognizable cultural icons anywhere on the globe. And for that reason, somehow, Cultural Anthropologists, Sociologists, Archaeologists, etc., and other enthusiasts of these social sciences are irresistibly drawn to them. Our studies and travels have taken us from the frozen tundra of Siberia to the deserts of India and the Middle East, to communist countries, democracies, and dictatorships. And bizarrely, you can always find machines or shops vending Coca-Cola and Pepsi (and Marlboro, Pall Mall, Viceroy, Lucky Strike, and Camel cigarettes).

When we used to travel every year to Eastern Europe and Central Asia, friends and colleagues would ask us to bring back Coca-Cola or Pepsi cans. Christmas issues from various countries were always frequent requests (like Europe\'s Grandfather Frost and his Elves). We would put extras on our store. Before long colleagues in Europe asked for cans from the USA. Not just iconic Pepsi and Coke cans. But especially limited edition Mountain Dew and Dr. Pepper cans. We accommodated them too. And the extras went onto our store. And suddenly, over 20 years, it grew to 500 offerings. They’re a complete money loser. It’s probably an obsession only a cultural anthropologist (or psychiatrist!) would understand. But we have thousands of followers around the globe, and we can’t let them down.

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