NOS DOUBLE DIE 1969 70 Ferguson Jenkins SUNOCO Chicago Cubs MLB pin-back button For Sale

NOS DOUBLE DIE 1969 70 Ferguson Jenkins SUNOCO Chicago Cubs MLB pin-back button

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NOS DOUBLE DIE 1969 70 Ferguson Jenkins SUNOCO Chicago Cubs MLB pin-back button:


New Old Stock



Double Stamped

1969 SUNOCO Gas Station promo

Chicago Cubs

Ferguson Jenkins


Check the Last Two Pictures and you will see why I priced This One So High.

This is a New Old Stock Near Mint (with Factory defect) condition pin-back button that was given away at the local SUNOCO Gas Stations in 1969 advertising for the Chicago Cubs Baseball Team.

According toBeckett, they listthese pinsas a 1970 set.

Joe Pepitone was not on the 69 Cubs he was on the Cubs from 1970-1973

Going back and searching other listings for these pin sets by other sellers including several individual pins professionally graded they are all listed as being 1969. With the cards that were included with (some of) them that a couple sellers had with their pins advertising "Watch for the big Ernie Banks GRAND OPENING CELEBRATION coming to your SUNOCO Dealer's MAY 21-22-23"

I believethe pins were made in LATE 1969 to advertise the Upcoming 1970 season.

In any case, Ihave had a small box of these stashed away since 1970 when my Dad cleared them off the shelf at his Gas Station/Auto Repair Shop. He was going to throw them out as I'm sure most other dealerships did at the time, but being a typical 7 or 8 year old kid at the time, I grabbed them and kept them all these years. The last time I even looked at them was back in 1991 when Ferguson Jenkins was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame at which time I sold a few of them to a couple friends and put the rest back on the shelf till now with the passing of Ernie Banks.

I am Out Of the Ernie Banks, Billy Williams, Randy Hundley, Joe Pepitone, Jim Hickman, and Glenn Beckert pins. Istill have several Don Kessinger pins left, and should be able to supply enough of them to make everyone happy. INever HadanyRon Santo pins.

I had a dealer buy out my last remaining 25 Ferguson Jenkins pins (As Shown in the last picture) and Ilater foundhe had them graded and listed at $3500.00 to $10,000.00 EACH ! (As Shown in4th picture) They were All THAT GOOD ! I'm Glad I held this one back from the bunch due to originally thinking it had been stepped on and flattened as it felt funny on the surface. Upon taking a closer look at it and finding the Multiple Die Marks on it I decided to list it and see what happens. It is actually More than just a Double Stamping as it has one Full Arch across the center, a smaller partial arc near the top of the pin, and a very short faint 3rd stamping between the two.

Absolutely The RAREST of the RARE !



of the Press on the 4th try.

How Fitting is THAT for a Baseball Pin !

This sale isfor a SUPER RARE Double Die or Double Stamped(actually Multiple stamping) Ferguson JenkinsNOS Near Mint pin from 1969. It will be Exactly as shown in the pictures. Having NEVER Been Worn you're Not Likely to find a better example of the Normal Pins out there.

You'll Likely NEVER Find another Rare Factory Defect like This One !

As with "Mint' condition coins where some "Bag marks" are allowed,as aresmall scratches or other imperfections from jostling around in the box with hundreds or thousands of other pins, as shown in the pictures, there are a few Very Minor "Bag Mark" chips in the paint. I took several pictures from different angles with different lighting trying my best to show theDouble-Stamping which surprisingly Didn't affect the lithograph image. Judging by what I have seen "Condition-wise" in other listings of Graded pins & buttons, This should grade at least a 9 or higher, but look at all of the picturesand judge for yourself.

This may verywell be


out there with

Multiple Stampings on the blank

making it the Ultimate Collectible for a

Ferguson Jenkins Fan !

I'm Debating whether or not to raise the prices on my other pins, but after already selling a hundred of them at those prices I'll probably leave them there since I've never paid to send any of them out for grading. I Guarantee Though looking at one of the Dealers Grade 7 pins with a massive scratch down the center of the players face that the absolute WORST Pin I Have would grade a 7.5 to 8 with most of them grading 9 or Higher. I have been shipping the Best Quality Pins First (which are 9s or higher) using a sample picture to represent the majority quality-wise. Once I get down to just the lesser quality 7.5s to 8s I will post updated pictures showing the actual pins left. So far I haven't gotten to that point with them.

I do NOT have any of the cards that these were sometimes attached to. I don't remember ever seeing any of them even as a kid so it's possible it was up to each individual Gas Station as to how they handed them out. This has been in storage Since New in 1969 other than having been handled at that time with gas station patrons picking through them to choose which player they wanted way back then and when I briefly dug them out of storage in 1991 and again now. My Dad was co-owner of a Gas Station / Repair Shop from 1962 to 1983 starting out as a GULF Station, then switching over to SUNOCO and eventually changing to Marathon when our supplier changed brands. This isjust one of many souvenirs I kept from those days.

Ferguson Jenkins was born in 1942 and was a Pitcher in the major League Baseball. He was a Three Time All-Star player and the First Canadian ever inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame in 1991. He played for the Philadelphia Philliesfrom 1965 to 1966, the Cubs from 1966 to 1973 and from 1982 to 1983, the Texas Rangers from 1974 to 1975 and again from 1978 to 1981, and for the Boston Red Sox from 1976 to 1977. In the Off Seasons he played Basketball with the Harlem Globetrotters from 1967 to 1969

Selling AS IS based on picture and description. It is a Brand New51 year old NOS 1969 button.

IF this sells at MY Price, (or within the "Best Offer" parameters) I am offering Free Shipping on it, though I had been eating over half the shipping cost on my other pins already anyway so it's not that much of a difference. If the same buyer also buys one or more of my other 69 Sunoco Cub's Baseball Pins I will refund the shipping on them as welljust to sweeten the deal.

I also decided to make this a "Private Listing" incase the buyer wishes to remain Shipping will be Calculated, but shouldn't be much considering the light weight.

Payment to be in U.S. Currency through PayPal unless picking up in person.

Thanks For looking & Happy offerding !

Please also check out my other current and future sales as I get time to photograph and list more items. Never know what I might list next from 35-40 plus years of collecting and hoarding anything and everything.

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