The Most Exciting Baseball Cards to Find

Posted on September 10th, 2013 by Matt

We all know that baseball cards have the potential to be a nice long-term investment if the player reaches their full potential and you happen to own some of the harder-to-find cards in your collection. Knowing that you are in possession of a collection that gains in value a little bit each day is a nice feeling. However, there are many ways to invest money, so that isn’t the only thing that calls us to back to baseball cards time and again. Along with the financial aspect is the possibility of finding great cards that bring up fun memories, introduce you to new players, complete a set, and more. If you are a long-time baseball card collector you have probably had your share of memorable finds over the years. In fact, as you read through our list of the most exciting baseball cards to find, try to think back to when you experienced these exact situations and just how exciting it was. Miguel Cabrera-Baseball Card-Triple Crown

The Card that Completes a Set

No matter if you are trying to complete a small set of 10 or 20 special issue cards, or a full 700+ card set from Topps or another card maker, getting that final card that brings it all together is a great feeling. There is something about the finality of having a full set of cards that is satisfying and makes for a great display as part of your overall collection. When you are searching for just one or two more cards to finish off a set, that quest can be exhaustive and lead you to places you never considered – so when it is all said and done, the accomplishment is worth at least a moment of celebration.

Your Favorite Player

We all have our favorite players. Sometimes they are among the best players in the game, and other times they just happen to play for our favorite team and have a personality that we appreciate. No matter how you came to pick your favorite player, finding their card in a freshly opened pack is an exciting moment. You probably have countless different cards of the player already, but there is always room for one more.

The Rare Special Edition

This one is exciting because the card is usually valuable, and you will know that you are in possession of something that very few other people own. Most card makers have special series within their sets that are hard to find and valued above the standard card sets. If you are lucky enough to land one of these cards within a pack that you have purchased, it will quickly become a prized part of your collection.

The Nostalgic Moment

If you go to a trade show or find an old pack of cards to purchase online, you might find the card of a player whose name you haven’t thought of in years. Maybe they used to be a favorite player of yours and have fallen off the radar. Maybe they played for a rival and you couldn’t stand them. Whatever the case, baseball cards can bring surprisingly strong emotions to the surface when they are first opened – and that is one of the things that we all love so much.