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Current Pitchers Baseball Collectors Should Pay Attention To

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Current Pitchers Baseball Collectors Should Pay Attention To

Baseball is a great sport for collecting for many reasons, one of which is the history and tradition surrounding it.  Baseball collectibles have been around for well over a century, providing lasting memories and great amounts of money for them.  However, baseball collectors should also focus on the here and now, especially those who are serious about the sport and want to get a heads up on everyone else.  Here is a list of four current starting pitchers that baseball collectors should pay attention to, for the value of their collectibles should rise dramatically over the coming years.

Justin Verlander

When Randy Johnson won his 300th game, some baseball analysts have predicted that there may never be a starting pitcher who will achieve this milestone ever again.  One pitcher who may prove them wrong is Justin Verlander.  Verlander has been in the Major Leagues since 2005, and has continuously improved every year since.  After a low point in 2008 where he won 11 games and lost 17, Justin has had three consecutive years of win totals hovering around 20, with 2011 being the year where he finally broke the mark.  In fact, in 2011 Verlander won both the American League MVP and Cy Young awards, amassing a 24-5 record with a 2.40 ERA, 250 innings pitched, and 250 strikeouts to his credit.  Why should you pay attention to him at this time?  Verlander is a workhorse with a blazing fastball, and will certainly be around for quite a long time.  He has the best chance of any starting pitcher right now of reaching the 300 win mark, and it is for this reason that baseball collectors should start picking up his memorabilia.

Clayton Kershaw

Clayton Kershaw is only 23 years of age but has already had four full years of Major League Baseball under his belt.  Similar to Verlander, Kershaw has consistently improved over his four year career to this point, starting with a 5-5 record in 2008 and transforming it to a 21-5 record in 2011.  Kershaw won the National League Cy Young Award in 2011 with a 2.28 ERA and 248 strikeouts as well.  The fact that the team he played for in 2011 was mediocre should show collectors his future potential.  Not only does he have a great pitching delivery that should help him to have a long career in baseball, but he is still at a young age and could certainly be up there with Verlander in the race to 300 wins if he can maintain consistency over the next few years.

Tim Lincecum

Tim Lincecum doesn’t have the gaudy win totals that a Verlander or Kershaw has, and in fact he only compiled a 13-14 record in 2011.  However, when examining his other stats it becomes apparently quickly that Lincecum has a great deal of upside.  Since 2008 Tim has averaged at least 220 strikeouts, 210 innings pitched, and in three out of the four years an ERA below 2.75.  He has a great deal of consistency in only the handful of years he has pitched in the Major Leagues to this point, and these numbers are a good sign for baseball collectors to start paying attention to him before his prices really start to rise.

Mat Latos

You may not have heard much of Mat Latos, and for good reason.  He has not put up the numbers one would expect out of the previous two pitchers mentioned.  In fact, he has only pitched three years in the Major Leagues, and for a small market team in the San Diego Padres.  However, his recent trade to the Cincinnati Reds should give a good reason for baseball collectors to take an interest in him.  In his three years with the Padres Latos has a 27-29 record, but also an ERA of 3.37 and 413 strikeouts.  He pitched almost 200 innings in 2011, with 185 strikeouts and a 3.47 ERA alone.  He has tremendous upside now that he is on a better ball club and should continue to improve at only 23 years old.  Make sure to get in on his memorabilia before it is too late.

Most Expensive Baseball Collectibles of All Time

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Most Expensive Baseball Collectibles of All Time

Collecting baseball memorabilia can be fun for all ages and for all income levels as well.  What is great about baseball collectibles is that there are so many to choose from.  Whether one is interested in collecting baseball cards or autographed jerseys, there is something for everyone to enjoy having in their possession.  When it comes to baseball collectibles there are also many expensive rare items that one may never get to see or hear about in their lifetimes.  The purpose of this article is to go over some of the most expensive baseball collectibles of all time to show you what they were, how much they went for, and so on.  Who knows, maybe you may come across one of them in your lifetime!

Mark McGwire 70th Home Run Ball

1998 was a great year for baseball, as Sammy Sosa and Mark McGwire reignited the sport through their home run chase.  McGwire would ultimately beat out Sosa to the record, and his final home run ball of that season sold at auction for just over $3 million.  Could you imagine ever spending $3 million on a baseball?  It is truly a phenomenal amount for a baseball collectible, but there have been others that have fetched prices at or above $1 million.

Honus Wagner Baseball Card

Honus Wagner is considered by many baseball historians to be the greatest shortstop to have ever played the sport.  He has a career average of .327 and well over 3,000 hits, and was also known for his gold glove defensive abilities at the shortstop position.  With that said, many of his cards have feted a pretty penny over the days, and one of the first baseball cards to have come out with his picture on it has sold at auction for over $2 million.

Babe Ruth Game Used Bat

Babe Ruth is considered by most baseball fans and historians as the most influential player to have ever played the game of baseball.  He was more known for his power than anything else, with 714 career home runs, a feat only surpassed by Henry Aaron and Barry Bonds.  He was also a very good pitcher before converting into an outfielder, winning almost one hundred games with an era under 2.30.  Not a bad career, right?  Practically any memorabilia related to Ruth is expensive, and his first ever game used bat has sold at auction for nearly $1.3 million.

Shoeless Jackson Game Used Bat

Shoeless Joe Jackson has one of the most recognizable names in all of baseball history, and was it not for the 1919 World Series he may have been the greatest hitter of all time.  Jackson was supposedly involved in intentionally losing the World Series that year to the Cincinnati Reds, in which he along with other players were bribed by powerful gangsters and mafia members.  Jackson had a career batting average of .356, one of the highest in baseball history.  He was banned from baseball and never allowed in again, thus making his memorabilia that much more collectible.  A game used bat of his went at auction recently for nearly $600,000.  Not in Babe Ruth territory, but his memorabilia has been steadily rising in value over the years and should continue to keep going up.

Types of Baseball Cards to Know About

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Best Ways to Protect Baseball Collectibles
Types of Baseball Cards to Know About

Whether you are a first time baseball card collector or a collector of many years, it is always important to know what the different types of baseball cards there are. There are so many different types of baseball cards out on the market today that it can be confusing when trying to distinguish one from another, so this guide will help you by giving a brief description of the main types of baseball cards to know about.

Rookie Cards

Rookie cards have a pretty straightforward explanation, although it can be difficult sometimes to try to find this type of card. A rookie card is basically cards that are produced of a player’s first year in major league baseball. This can get somewhat complicated as a player may be called up to play for a couple of weeks at the end of a season or may get injured at the start of his real rookie season, so it is always best to check with price guides that mention which year is the rookie year of a particular player. This type of card is very popular to collect and many can be worth a great deal of money if they are of a famous player.

Card Sets

This type of baseball card is a very popular option for those looking for a real challenge, or are looking to collect baseball cards over a period of time. Baseball card companies come out with complete sets of baseball cards; for instance Topps may come out with a card set for the year 2009. Sets can range from a few rare cards to well over 500 baseball cards, so there is certainly a wide selection for a collector to choose from.

Common Cards

Common cards are baseball cards of players that are not very famous, or simply just everyday players. While they may be important for collectors who are trying to complete a card set or find players for a particular team, most collectors do not bother trying to collect them as they are very inexpensive and easy to find. A great alternative to consider is having your son or daughter collect these types of cards and send them to the players to get them autographed. Who knows, maybe the player on that common card could turn into a hall of famer!

Game Used Cards

Game used cards are a lot thicker than regular baseball cards and contain a piece of something that was used in a ballgame by a player, such as a jersey, bat, or glove. These cards are usually hard to find and many collectors like to try to find them over a period of time, especially for the more popular players. Because of this, these types of cards can be very expensive to come across.

Number Cards

Number cards are a rare type of card in which only a select number of them have been produced. When you look on the reverse side of a number card it will display two numbers (for instance 125/200). This means that you own the 125th card produced out of only 200 in existence. Obviously because of their limited production number cards can be worth a lot of money, but it can also be fun trying to collect as many of them as you can.

Autograph Cards

Lastly, one of the most important types of baseball cards to know about are autograph cards. These types of cards come in two forms. The first is an official autograph card, in which the reverse of the card will have some guarantee stating that it is an authentic autograph card from the card company itself. The second is an unofficial autograph card, in which someone may have gotten the autograph at a ballgame, or some other scenario. It is important to be careful about collect the latter type of card as there is the risk of it being forged. Sending it to a grading company such as Beckett will help in validating the card’s authenticity.

Items to Protect Baseball Collectibles

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Best Ways to Protect Baseball Collectibles

One of the great things about being a baseball fan is that there are many fantastic collectibles to choose from.  Once you get a baseball collectible, what do you do with them?  Do you stuff them away in some trunk or shoe box?  Many people who have baseball collectibles do this, and it is not a good thing to do.  Why?  The item will deteriorate over time if it is not maintained properly, and simply storing it away without any regards to protecting it will not only cause you to lose enjoyment of it in its current condition but there will also be money lost as well.  Instead of having to go through the disappointment of finding your collectibles to be in severely bad shape, make sure to get proper protection for them.  Here are five great ways to protect baseball collectibles.

Baseball Holder

A baseball holder is a great option for any baseball you may own, whether it is a foul ball or an autographed one.  There are also holders that have a combination of both a baseball and a baseball card; so for instance, if you have an autographed baseball and card from someone it would be best to get this combination.  If you have multiple baseballs there are many sports collectibles places that have a multiple baseball display case.  To preserve the life of the ball it is always best to get a baseball holder, and they can range anywhere from around a dollar to over one hundred dollars depending on how much you are looking to invest.


Pocket Pages

Pocket pages are a great way to protect baseball cards that are of some value.  These pages usually come with 9 pockets, although there are some on the market today that have as many as 20.  One of the great things about pocket pages is that they are relatively cheap – one can purchase a page for around a quarter.


Card Sleeves

Card sleeves are especially for those who don’t have very many baseball cards but are looking for a safe way to protect them from the elements.  One can find packs of them for less than a dollar at most stores today, so they are a viable alternative to pocket pages.


Toploaders are for baseball cards that are more valuable than usual.  For instance, they may be a rookie card or a game worn jersey card.  One can find basic toploaders at a sports collectible store for around fifty cents.  Here is some advice: to get added protection for the card, it is always best to put the card in a card sleeve first and then put it in a toploader.  That way you have double protection for the card.  If you have a thick baseball card that may not fit inside of a regular toploader there are thick card toploaders available for around four dollars for a pack of 10.  Lastly, there are much bigger toploaders available for both regular sized pictures and documents if you are a collector of them.  These types of toploaders are a bit more expensive and can be priced around the thirty dollar range.  It is well worth the cost though if the collectible you have is at least somewhat rare.

Snaps and Holders

The ultimate protection one can provide for their baseball cards is an acrylic card holder, which is priced around four dollars just for one of them.  If you are not looking for something that fancy then a screw holder or mini snap should do the trick.  A screw holder can keep a baseball card in place better and a lot longer than a mini snap can do, and costs about fifty cents more than a mini snap does.  In any case you can be assured that your baseball card is well protected and will last for many years into the future.

Collecting Baseball Cards: What to Look for

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Collecting Baseball Cards: What to Look for

Collecting baseball cards can be a great hobby no matter what age you may be. Collecting baseball cards is a popular hobby that has a substantial number of people involved in it. The great thing about this hobby comes in regards to its accessibility; in other words, one does not need much money to begin collecting baseball cards today. Whether you have a few dollars to spend or a few thousand, there is something that can appease collectors in practically any price range one can think of.

Another great thing is the history that is attached to collecting baseball cards. It goes all the way back to before the Great Depression Era of the 1930s when tobacco companies would use cards with pictures of baseball players on them in order to attract more business. When the 1930s rolled around baseball cards came to be associated more with bubble gum than tobacco. Even with gum baseball cards still were not very popular until the post WWII era of the 1950s, when card companies were created such as Bowman and Topps. In the 1980s more companies came into the fray such as Upper Deck and Fleer and Donruss, thus vaulting baseball cards into the mainstream of America and making it one of the most popular hobbies in the country today.

Even though baseball cards are a great hobby, if one is starting to collect for the first time they should know what kind of cards they are looking for. It is not very smart to try to collect as many cards as possible, but the hobby will not be as enjoyable as it should be by focusing on more specific cards. Here are a few types of baseball cards to look for.

Insert Cards

Even though they haven’t been around for a very long time, inserts are great cards to collect if one is just starting out. What makes them unique is that many of them are limited edition cards, which can provide an enjoyable experience trying to find specific ones. One should be cautious though as well, as this type of card can get fairly expensive. Inserts include autographed cards, cards with pieces of game used items such as a jersey or bat, and so on.

Rookie Cards

A somewhat less expensive way to start out collecting baseball cards is to collect rookie cards of various players. What is great about this type of card is that prices can range from a few dollars into the thousands of dollars, so practically any budget can be able to start a collection of rookie cards.

Player/Team Cards

A great way to get a child or teenager into collecting baseball cards is to have them collect player specific or team specific baseball cards. For instance, he or she may like watching Cliff Lee play, so they could try to start collecting different types of cards for him in specific. This can include regular cards, autographed cards, rookie cards, and so on. If they have a favorite team it can be fun trying to collect the baseball card of every player on the roster, or for a higher price try rookie cards of every player as well. It is certainly a great way to get them interested in the game of baseball.

There are many other different types of cards to collect as well, including complete sets, hall of fame cards, and so on. The best advice when starting to collect baseball cards is to choose a specific area and then branch out from there. Who knows, you may find it to be a lifelong obsession that you can pass down from generation to generation.

Starting an Autographed Baseball Card Collection

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Starting an Autographed Baseball Card Collection

Baseball autographs have become more and more popular these days as the prices on them continue to rise.  There are now collectors all over the world who enjoy owning autograph baseball cards.  With so many more collectors these days an unfortunate byproduct is fake autographs.  There are those out there looking to make a buck or two by handwriting signatures themselves on baseball cards.  Because of this phenomenon it is now more important than ever to have your autograph baseball cards authenticated, not only because it may be a fake autograph but also for future selling purposes as well.  It is always best to make sure that the autograph is legitimate anyways.

Where it once was only a hobby enjoyed by baseball enthusiasts and young fans, autograph baseball cards now have an extremely large market for them.  This may be due in part to the rise of the internet and online auctions sites, but for whatever reason it is important to have your autograph baseball cards authenticated.  You cannot just have it authenticated by just any ordinary person either.  The more well-known the baseball player is, the more important it is to find a respectable expert who can authenticate the autograph baseball card.  Unfortunately, along with those who make fraudulent autographs there are those who fraudulently authenticate cards that are knowingly fake in order to make a profit.  Thus, it is important to know which places to go to when trying to authenticate an autograph baseball card.  Here are two reputable places to consider when trying authenticating an autograph baseball card.

Professional Sports Authentication

Professional Sports Authentication is one of the most well-known and respected companies for one to get their autograph baseball cards authenticated from.  The fees depend largely on whose autograph it is, as a Babe Ruth autograph will be worth a lot more than a Starlin Castro autograph.  They generally range from around $25 up to as much as $250 for some of the well-known baseball stars, along with those that can be difficult to verify (such as those from players of 100 years ago).  Not only will Professional Sports Authentication check to authenticate your autograph baseball card but also grade it as well.  This can be extremely important in determining how much your autograph baseball card may be worth, as prices can differ greatly depending on the condition of the card itself along with the signature.  Provided along with these two is a certificate of authenticity by the company, which will guarantee that your autograph baseball card has been authenticated by one of the most respected companies in the nation.

Beckett Grading Services

Beckett Grading Services is one of the top companies around when it comes to grading sports cards of any sort.  Did you know that they also authenticate autograph baseball cards as well?  Beckett Grading Services has recently teamed up with James Spence Authentication to provide its customers with not only top-notch grading but also fantastic autograph authentication services as well.  One simply sends their autograph baseball card to James Spence Authentication, and the card will be encapsulated by Beckett Grading Services, along with the option to have the autograph graded as well.  The fees are still comparable to that of other well-respected companies such as Professional Sports Authentication, ranging from $35 up to $250.

Again, it is important to stress that it is more important now than ever to have your autograph baseball cards authenticated as soon as possible.  Also, make sure that you do not buy an autograph baseball card without making sure that it has been authenticated as well.  If you do these two things you will have much greater peace of mind and will be able to enjoy your baseball cards a lot more.

Take a look at some baseball card collections to get you started.

1962 Topps Uncut Sample Sheet Baseball Cards Sandy Koufax Roger Maris

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Here is an awesome uncut Sample Sheet Baseball Cards obtained from the collection of a former Topps Executive that just closed on eBay for $10,000.00. This incredible eight-card blank-backed sample sheet features the 1962 Topps baseball cards of Eddie Mathews, Sandy Koufax, Roger Maris, Frank Thomas, Bill White, Nellie Fox, and Tony Taylor along with a 1st Series Checklist.

The condition appears to be excellent as seller states there is only minor wear on the four corners as well as a slight touch of wear on the top border of Maris and the checklist. The rest of the interior cards including Sandy Koufax are in perfect condition and would grade Mint or Gem Mint if professionally cut from the sheet.

Considering the premium placed on Sandy Koufax as well that of blank backed cards, the corresponding value of this item makes it one of the premier collectibles for this legendary Hall of Fame southpaw. Total size of this uncut sheet of sample baseball cards is 7 inches by 10 1/2 inches.

Vintage uncut baseball cards sheets are going up in value as they become harder to find, take a look at some more uncut baseball cards sheets available on eBay.