Wrigley Field Stadium Seats - post World Series removal For Sale

Wrigley Field Stadium Seats - post World Series removal
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Wrigley Field Stadium Seats - post World Series removal:

Wrigley Field
Stadium Seats
Removed by us,
shipped direct to you!Are you a Chicago Cubs fan? Do you know someone who is? Own a piece of certified authentic Wrigley Field history!What you are buying is a pair (set of 2) of authentic stadium seats from the home of the Chicago Cubs, Wrigley Field. These seats were removed from Wrigley Field by S&S Seating under contract with the Chicago Cubs. These seats were removed after the World Series win and were in the stadium during the World Series.

These seats areriser-mount seats. We will include steel brackets in order tomake them free-standing,so you can move them around to any room in your house or office.They have been in kept in storage in our warehouse in Indiana since being removed from the stadium and are in "as-is" unrestored condition...the seat plastic will have color fade, scratches, minor cracks and markings from fan use and the metal standards (seat frames) will have scratches, paint rubbed off and rust.. All seats are in working order!All seat sets have been authenticated and willfeature Major League Baseball's seal of authenticity.Each seat set will feature a hologram on theseat back signifying its authentication by Major League Baseball.
PLEASE NOTE: We have multiple sets available...the ones pictured are not the exact seats but will be similar and are a good representation of the condition of the seats. We will not be able to provide pictures of the exact seats you will receive, as they are already boxed up and ready to ship.
  • We are NOT accommodating specific seat number requests. Seat numbers shipped will be at random. Seat numbers will be in consecutive order.
  • We do NOT have Aisle seats available at this time.
MEASUREMENTS: The width of a pair of seats ranges from 40" to 43". The depth of the seats is approximately 16" with the seat up and 22" with the seat down.S&S Seating is the company that removed the stadium seats out of Wrigley Field and all of our seats are guaranteed authentic.
Riser–Mount Wrigley Field Seats (set of 2) - Green
  • Ships partially assembled to prevent shipping damage. Assembly is easy.
  • Includes custom steel brackets to enable riser-mount seats to become free standing
Domestic Shipping is free. For shipping outside of the continental USA, please contact us for additional shipping costs.
Seats are shipped disassembled in our customized boxes via FedEx Ground service.
In the very rare case of shipping damage, we do send repair and/or replacement components. We do require digital pictures of each damaged piece emailed to us.The following damage claim time-limit is in place: 14 days from delivery.About us:
Since 1996, S&S Seating has specialized in the extraction and distribution of memorabilia stadium seats from professional sports stadiums around the country. Family owned and operated, your satisfaction is our top priority.


These stadium seats are sold solely for the purpose of being sports memorabilia. When the seats were bolted to concrete in the stadium which they came from, the seats were stable. But the seats are no longer bolted to concrete. Even after securely attaching the seats to the “L” shaped brackets that are provided to you, the seats could collapse or tip over, which could cause serious bodily injury, including, but not limited to, head, neck, and back injury. Do not sit in, stand on, or otherwise use the stadium seats, and keep children away from the seats until the “L” brackets are securely fastened to a suitable floor.

Once your stadium seats are securely fastened to the “L” brackets provided to you, call a qualified professional, one who works with the types of flooring you have in mind for your seats, to install the “L” brackets to your flooring. Flooring varies and only a professional will know where and how the “L” brackets may be fastened to your floor without destroying or harming your floor and how to ensure that the “L” brackets are securely and safely fastened to your floor.

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