Stan Musial Signed mid-1950's bat For Sale

Stan Musial Signed mid-1950's bat

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Stan Musial Signed mid-1950's bat:

Stan Musial Signed mid-1950's bat (I date this by the label according to an on-line guide for dating Adirondack bats.)Excellent condition, it appears this bat has always been kept in a plastic tube for complete protection.
A few words about "authentication": My attitude is- the heck with it. If it's important to you, that's fine and certainly understood. I am not a very educated collector and I assume whoever buys one of my signed items knows far more than I do about the validity and potential value of signatures and items, anyway. So, I will start the sales at prices that should be a very good deal (from what I see on ) if a buyer wants to authenticate and ends up successfully getting through that ridiculous process if that is important to you.I know my feeling about this is antiquated, and may even cost me money as items could sell for less than they "should" be worth. But, this is the reason I'm not active in this hobby any more. I was an old-school collector decades before (supposed) authentication became such a thing and most items I will list (wife says purge it!) on have been in our family for 20-60 years. I haven't been a buyer of sports memorabilia since then and since my son was grown. Some years ago I decided it was time to sell some stuff so I submitted a few signed balls to the authentication services. (Sandy Koufax signatures and the like, that era of players.) These were signatures we had obtained ourselves- IN PERSON. They were all rejected. So, that was it for me with the now elongated and absurdly expensive world of authentication. I will leave it to the public marketplace, here, to determine if something is legit and what it is worth. Because, I certainly don't think the "experts" always are, and don't want to be abused by that frustrating process. I like “easy”. So, my laziness and skepticism can be someone else benefit. If you think my offered item is too high risk even at "unauthenticated" prices, please do not offer.So, there ya have it, thanks for considering.

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