LMH Button Pin 2003-2014 FRISCO ROUGH RIDERS Baseball HOME DEPOT Proud Sponsor For Sale

LMH Button Pin 2003-2014 FRISCO ROUGH RIDERS Baseball HOME DEPOT Proud Sponsor

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LMH Button Pin 2003-2014 FRISCO ROUGH RIDERS Baseball HOME DEPOT Proud Sponsor:

Souvenir Collectible Button/ Pin / Pinback Badge


"Proud Sponsor"

Frisco Rough Riders

Baseball Team

Logo used 2003-2014

Sales Associate Insignia

For Use on Bag, Hat, Shirt, Jacket, Vest, Overalls Etc.

Great Collectible or Memorabilia

Button Size: About 2-5/16" Diameter (About 5.7 cm)

TEN (10) Pin/Patches SHIP in U.S. FOR THE PRICE of ONE (1)

ITEM DESCRIPTION: Professionally produced Pinback Pin/Button Produced for years of service.This pin is perfect for use on your hat, shirt, jacket, vest, overalls etc. This item will be shipped either in a Manila Envelope sandwiched between two pieces of cardboard or a box so it will arrive at your house safe and sound.

PLEASE NOTE Patch Condition Description as statedin above "Condition Description" box above. Please look at photos carefully.

DISCOUNTS:Don't forget to inquire about ourDISCOUNT PROGRAMto save you money -


Sign up for my email newslettersby adding my store to your READ to understand shipping costs:Due to the THICKNESS & STIFFNESS of the envelope due to the cardboard protection, the items ships for the First-Class Package rate rather than the less expensive standard First-Class Letter rate. Presently, Delivery Confirmation/USPS Tracking is ONLY AVAILABLE on items shipped via First-Class PKG and Priority Shipping. Delivery Confirmation/USPS Tracking is NOT AVAILABLE with First-Class Letter rate postage - thus sellers are FORCED to ship items via First-Class PKG or Priority Shipping rates which are more expensive than the First-Class Letter rate.

ADDITIONALLY according to new seller policies, "...sellers will need to have tracking information uploaded to within their stated handling time on 90% or more of their transactions with US buyers."This means that we as sellers are REQUIRED to ship at a more expensive shipping rate which includes Delivery Confirmation/USPS TRACKING for tracking purposes. Please visit the USPS website for First-Class Package/Parcel Rate confirmation.

>>>PLEASE READ >>>WHY I DON'T OFFER FREE SHIPPING:Many SELLERS are now offering "FREE SHIPPING" and have the shipping cost built into the "Buy It Now (BIN)" price - they have to to survive and make money. This usually ONLY saves BUYERS who purchase single items. HOWEVER, if you purchase SEVERAL ITEMS at the BIN price with Free Shipping - YOU PAY TOO MUCH for the items! Most of my customers purchase several postcards or patches to take advantage of theTEN SHIP FOR PRICE OF ONEoffer based on current 1-23-2017 rates. You actually end up paying LESS FOR THE ITEMS at the combined shipping rate! Many of my postcards and patches are listed for $1.95 - there is no way for me to sell a $1.95 item and include free shipping when US Postage (following shipping guidelines to include USPS TRACKING) would cost $2.67 (rate effective 1/23/2017)!

FOR EXAMPLE, if I list an itemand include free shipping (shipped 1st Class Letter Post withNO tracking)for a $1.95 item, my costs might be: Listing Fee$0.15(each month) + Selling Fee (9% effective July 2014) $0.18+PayPal Fees (2.9% + 30 Cents)$0.36+Postage$0.50+ Envelope$0.07=$1.26Thus Selling price$1.95 - $1.26Costs =$0.69 to cover COST OF ITEM & overheadIF the item was LISTED AND SOLD in the FIRST MONTH. When you remove the cost for the item, I would be in the hole!The above does not include time to list the item, package the item, taking it to the Post Office, gas & vehicle expense, etc. Think about it and it makes perfect sense and I hope you understand my position why I don't ship items for free. Thanks for your time to read this and I look forward to doing business with you!

SHIPPING INFO:We Ship Anywhere!The item ships *Domestically for the 3-Ounce First-Class PKG Package/Parcel Rate plus 75 cents handling. The item ships Internationally for the 3-Ounce First Class Parcel/Package rate plus $1.50 per order handling.Combine with sales and other Listings and SAVE on Shipping with ONE - $1.50 Handling Charge for 1 to 100+ Items!

FOR COMBINED SHIPPING:According to 's new purchase rules effective Spring 2013, if you wish to purchase multiple items, you WILL NEED to use the "Shopping Cart" system. Simply select the item(s) you want and "ADD" to the shopping cart. After selecting your items, you will then receive an automatically generated invoice from showing the INCORRECT SHIPPING rate. Presently, the "shipping calculator" system will calculate each item for the "gross" shipping rate. For example, if you purchase five (5) patches, the correct shipping rate should be for the 2-Ounce rate. However, the shipping calculator will send you an automatic invoice with shipping calculated for the 10-Ounce rate! You may pay using the incorrect shipping rate and I WILL REFUND you for the overpayment paid for shipping the items. OR, after your selection and prior to making payment, you can click the option to send me an email requesting combined shipping. Upon receipt or shortly thereafter, I will send you an invoice noting the correct or revised shipping rate - the 2-Ounce rate in above example. The stated handling charge in listing will be added to the shipping rate except for exceptions as noted on sales receipts. I am sorry for any inconvenience or confusion using the shopping cart system may cause. If you purchase multiple items and pay for each individually, I WILL REFUND you for the overpayment paid for shipping the items at a combined S&H rate. This refund will be issued AFTER the shipping label is created and package is shipped. I usually ship the SAME day or NEXT DAY after payment. Thank you for your time to read above. Whit

WHAT IS LMH ? LMH simply stands for Loco Motive Hobbies - my business name and seller name - nothing more. I DO NOT manufacture or produce patches. I only purchase collections of patches and then sell them as singles. I never know what I will be getting and it even surprises me sometimes! I start all my listings as LMH so that buyers can easily find my items online and by selecting "newly listed", buyers can see my most currently listed patches. Thanks for reading and I look forward to doing business with you!

DOMESTIC: Up to TEN (10) POSTCARDS or PATCHES Ship* for the Price of ONE !!!


MIX OR MATCH for Savings!!!!

  • US: All US Orders Shipped with FREE PACKAGE TRACKING for ease of tracking.Heavier items may be shipped via Parcel Post for shipping cost savings if requested but expect 2-5 additional days for delivery from Post Office. Parcel Post shipping rate is only available when shipping cost savings are $0.75 or greater.
  • INTERNATIONAL: We only accept Paypal for Payment. International orders shipped via First Class Mail International or Priority International. We ONLY accept Paypal for payment for International orders.Please provide a Paypal Confirmed Shipping Address upon completion of checkout. Winner of listing is responsible for all taxes and tariffs imposed by customs for item(s).Loco-Motive-Hobbies carries NO LIABILITY for items shipped to Un-Confirmed or Paypal shipping addresses.
  • Payment & Checkout: We accept most forms of payment including VISA, Mastercard, Discover, Debit Cards, Checks, Cashiers Checks, Paypal etc. Please don't send cash! For Credit/Debit card payments, please contact me and I will send you an invoice through QuickBooks/Intuit Billing Solutions so you can make a secure payment through them.

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Be sure to add me to yourfavorites Orders over $100.00 will be shipped REGISTERED MAIL or PRIORITY Only!

*USPS Postal Rateseffective asof 1/23/2017.

Postal rates may change without notice in this listing.


  • Mint (M) or NEW:A perfect pin just as it comes from the manufacturer. No marks, scratches on face, no dents, and no fading/discoloration. A clean and fresh pin or button. Pins or buttons of this grade may be factory sealed in/or on display packaging or simply "loose".
  • Near Mint (NM):Like Mint but with very slight scuffing from storage adjacent to other patches or having been on a display. Not as sharp or crisp.
  • Excellent (EX):Like mint in appearance with no deep scratches or damage. May show light fading and scratches from light use. A clean, fresh image on the face side side.
  • Very Good (VG):Button may show noticeable scratches on face from use and storage. Almost undetectable dent that does not detract from overall appearance of the face side. Back may / may not have bent pin, light oxidation or light rust from storage in / on a display. A very collectible pin.
  • Good (G):Button may show scratches on face which detract slightly as well as slight dent which is noticeable. May show cracked or slight damaged face, fading as well as shrinkage / slight image skewing from use. May have missing pin, dented back or rust. Less than Very Good.
  • Fair (F):Button is intact. Button shows excess scratching, stains, dents, writing, or faded/discolored image which may affect face of pin. Could be a scarce patch that is difficult to find in any condition.
  • Poor (P):Incomplete, image seriously affected, a gap-filler only.

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