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Items to Protect Baseball Collectibles

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Best Ways to Protect Baseball Collectibles

One of the great things about being a baseball fan is that there are many fantastic collectibles to choose from.  Once you get a baseball collectible, what do you do with them?  Do you stuff them away in some trunk or shoe box?  Many people who have baseball collectibles do this, and it is not a good thing to do.  Why?  The item will deteriorate over time if it is not maintained properly, and simply storing it away without any regards to protecting it will not only cause you to lose enjoyment of it in its current condition but there will also be money lost as well.  Instead of having to go through the disappointment of finding your collectibles to be in severely bad shape, make sure to get proper protection for them.  Here are five great ways to protect baseball collectibles.

Baseball Holder

A baseball holder is a great option for any baseball you may own, whether it is a foul ball or an autographed one.  There are also holders that have a combination of both a baseball and a baseball card; so for instance, if you have an autographed baseball and card from someone it would be best to get this combination.  If you have multiple baseballs there are many sports collectibles places that have a multiple baseball display case.  To preserve the life of the ball it is always best to get a baseball holder, and they can range anywhere from around a dollar to over one hundred dollars depending on how much you are looking to invest.


Pocket Pages

Pocket pages are a great way to protect baseball cards that are of some value.  These pages usually come with 9 pockets, although there are some on the market today that have as many as 20.  One of the great things about pocket pages is that they are relatively cheap – one can purchase a page for around a quarter.


Card Sleeves

Card sleeves are especially for those who don’t have very many baseball cards but are looking for a safe way to protect them from the elements.  One can find packs of them for less than a dollar at most stores today, so they are a viable alternative to pocket pages.


Toploaders are for baseball cards that are more valuable than usual.  For instance, they may be a rookie card or a game worn jersey card.  One can find basic toploaders at a sports collectible store for around fifty cents.  Here is some advice: to get added protection for the card, it is always best to put the card in a card sleeve first and then put it in a toploader.  That way you have double protection for the card.  If you have a thick baseball card that may not fit inside of a regular toploader there are thick card toploaders available for around four dollars for a pack of 10.  Lastly, there are much bigger toploaders available for both regular sized pictures and documents if you are a collector of them.  These types of toploaders are a bit more expensive and can be priced around the thirty dollar range.  It is well worth the cost though if the collectible you have is at least somewhat rare.

Snaps and Holders

The ultimate protection one can provide for their baseball cards is an acrylic card holder, which is priced around four dollars just for one of them.  If you are not looking for something that fancy then a screw holder or mini snap should do the trick.  A screw holder can keep a baseball card in place better and a lot longer than a mini snap can do, and costs about fifty cents more than a mini snap does.  In any case you can be assured that your baseball card is well protected and will last for many years into the future.

Collecting Baseball Cards: What to Look for

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Collecting Baseball Cards: What to Look for

Collecting baseball cards can be a great hobby no matter what age you may be. Collecting baseball cards is a popular hobby that has a substantial number of people involved in it. The great thing about this hobby comes in regards to its accessibility; in other words, one does not need much money to begin collecting baseball cards today. Whether you have a few dollars to spend or a few thousand, there is something that can appease collectors in practically any price range one can think of.

Another great thing is the history that is attached to collecting baseball cards. It goes all the way back to before the Great Depression Era of the 1930s when tobacco companies would use cards with pictures of baseball players on them in order to attract more business. When the 1930s rolled around baseball cards came to be associated more with bubble gum than tobacco. Even with gum baseball cards still were not very popular until the post WWII era of the 1950s, when card companies were created such as Bowman and Topps. In the 1980s more companies came into the fray such as Upper Deck and Fleer and Donruss, thus vaulting baseball cards into the mainstream of America and making it one of the most popular hobbies in the country today.

Even though baseball cards are a great hobby, if one is starting to collect for the first time they should know what kind of cards they are looking for. It is not very smart to try to collect as many cards as possible, but the hobby will not be as enjoyable as it should be by focusing on more specific cards. Here are a few types of baseball cards to look for.

Insert Cards

Even though they haven’t been around for a very long time, inserts are great cards to collect if one is just starting out. What makes them unique is that many of them are limited edition cards, which can provide an enjoyable experience trying to find specific ones. One should be cautious though as well, as this type of card can get fairly expensive. Inserts include autographed cards, cards with pieces of game used items such as a jersey or bat, and so on.

Rookie Cards

A somewhat less expensive way to start out collecting baseball cards is to collect rookie cards of various players. What is great about this type of card is that prices can range from a few dollars into the thousands of dollars, so practically any budget can be able to start a collection of rookie cards.

Player/Team Cards

A great way to get a child or teenager into collecting baseball cards is to have them collect player specific or team specific baseball cards. For instance, he or she may like watching Cliff Lee play, so they could try to start collecting different types of cards for him in specific. This can include regular cards, autographed cards, rookie cards, and so on. If they have a favorite team it can be fun trying to collect the baseball card of every player on the roster, or for a higher price try rookie cards of every player as well. It is certainly a great way to get them interested in the game of baseball.

There are many other different types of cards to collect as well, including complete sets, hall of fame cards, and so on. The best advice when starting to collect baseball cards is to choose a specific area and then branch out from there. Who knows, you may find it to be a lifelong obsession that you can pass down from generation to generation.