Vintage COLLINS 75A-4 Receiver - HAM RADIO For Sale

Vintage COLLINS 75A-4 Receiver - HAM RADIO

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Vintage COLLINS 75A-4 Receiver - HAM RADIO:

VintageCOLLINS 75A-4 ReceiverHAM RADIO
One other on this site asking $1100, others online asking prices from $900 - $1000.
I have not vacuumed, cleaned, shined up this Receiver. I have plugged it in and it Powers up. That's the best info I can give as I do not know how to hook up other components to it and or test it.I will be listing several receivers, Regulators, Power Supply, etc.
This is heavy and large, therefore shipping will be expensive. I will see if UPS will package and ship for me for under $100, if they will I will ship for actual cost. Online quote was $85, but I have to leave room for error.
I do travel around Wyoming and Northern Colorado - for pick up.
The 4th picture shows that there is a small piece of glass missing from the window, other than that, cosmetically the unit appears to be in very good condition.

The following is info copied from sites online:

TheCollins 75A-4is a high quality amateur band receiver covering the frequency ranges of: 1.5-2.5, 3.2-4.2, 6.8-7.8, 14-15, 20.8-21.8, 26.5-27.5, 28-29 and 29-30 MHz. Modes of reception include: CW, MCW, and AM phone. There is a backlit signal meter. Utilizes mechanical filters. Requires a speaker. 17.25 x 10.5 x 15.5 inches 35 Lbs.

The 75A-4 matches the KWS-1 transmitter.

This info is 2px; -webkit-border-vertical-spacing: 2px; ">The 75A-4 (Collins PN. 520 5052 00) Receiver is considered to be the ultimate receiver. This receiver is the result of near 10 years of continuous R&D by Collins Radio. The 75A-4 production cycles can be discerned by looking at the changes in the front panel (as well as other areas). For example if the Noise Limiter and Mode switch text are not on the same line (mode text slightly lower) you have an early production unit. The "S" Meter scale changed colors in the mid production cycle (Black verses Red). Much of this detail information is on other web sites. Look at theLinks pageto research more detail information on restoration.. When comparing the 75A-4 to its predecessors the immediate difference is the packaging. The 75A-4 is a smaller integrated package. The packaging externally and internally contributed to a more stable receiver suitable for single sideband reception. In AM operations with the wide bandwidth (6KHZ.), drift was not a big factor. SSB with the smaller bandwidth 2.1 to 3.1KHZ., drift is a factor. Additionally the receiver included positions for three filters. The standard filter supplied was 3.1 KHZ clearly stating that this was a sideband receiver. The most popular optional filters included CW (continuous wave) 500HZ. and AM (amplitude modulation) 6KHZ. (see theFilters page). A more through comparison can be made researching information available at other web sites The following page covers some of the modifications made to this receiver

For a topbander, the Collins 75A4 looks like better prospect for DX operation than a R390 with its better skirt selectivity and notch/passband facilities, but its strong signal handling capabilities look so far behind the radios of today, you could ask: "why are 75A4s still popular among some Big Gun topbanders?" >From the response received at VK6VZ, the key lies in the 75A4's abilities to pull a weak signal out of the noise, owing to its lack of phase noise/simple superhetrodyne design, particularly when it is HEAVILY MODIFIED with better filters, as per the articles in Electric Radio magazine, and backed up with a good audio DSP CW filter. It seems to me that it is also far easier to modify/optimise the RF performance of a 75A4/Drake R4C with their wide open spaces and simple design

On Sep-05-11 at 21:52:42 PDT, seller added the following information:

Note to the first buyer: I see, you sold one of these models, in your response, and see that you have a lot of experience with this type of equipment. If you would like to instruct me on how to further test this unit for you, I sure will try.

On Sep-06-11 at 10:11:17 PDT, seller added the following information:

NOTE: I will consider Buy It Now offers!!!
I was watching the only other one of these models on and see it just sold today,Tuesday the 6th, for a Buy it now of $1000.

On Sep-06-11 at 17:05:16 PDT, seller added the following information:

I received a question regarding possible paint damage on the bottom center of the receiver.
I took a slightly damp cloth and wiped it off. Some still in the not smooth surface of the unit.
ADDING ADDITIONAL PHOTO OF the wiped off front.

On Sep-06-11 at 21:57:20 PDT, seller added the following information:

2 FILTERS ARE IN PLACE IN THE UNIT. I will add pictures tomorrow to show filters.
THE FOLLOWING WEBSITE CONTAINS ALL PERTINENT INFORMATION ABOUT THIS />On Sep-07-11 at 18:21:16 PDT, seller added the following information:

I have had 2 offers to End the sale for a Buy It now Price.For some reason I can not edit this sale to include a buy it now price.Just letting all 55 people that are watching this sale know that I am considering an offerand I will find out what rules are since I didn't put an initial BIN price in at the beginning.
This sale may end.

On Sep-08-11 at 11:18:53 PDT, seller added the following information:

I am told there may be 1 filter and 1 bypass, from someone looking at the pics. Please know what you are offerding on, I do not guarantee there are 2 filters, but there still may be.

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