Rare Antique Lakota Sioux Boot Knife/Indian Fur Trade/Custer Little Big Horn? For Sale

Rare Antique Lakota Sioux Boot Knife/Indian Fur Trade/Custer Little Big Horn?

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Rare Antique Lakota Sioux Boot Knife/Indian Fur Trade/Custer Little Big Horn?:

Rare Antique Lakota Sioux Indian Fur Trade Knife/Pewter?Lead?Decorated Handle

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We have up for sale a super rare Indian Fur Trade Knife that was found at the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota which is the home of the famous Lakota Sioux who with the Cheyenne defeated General Custer at the Little Big Horn in 1876.

Very seldom do you find on or elsewhere an Indian Knife that has providence meaning you know exactly where it came from so knives like this are extremely rare and we were lucky to obtain it........

The knife is about 8 and 1/2 inches long with a 4 and 1/2 inch hand forged carbon steel blade. We believe the knife was most likely used as a boot knife or back up knife and we have shown a Sioux Warrior above with a another pewter decorated knife. The knife has a dark hard wood handle with pewter or lead inlays and overlays. The knife is circa mid to late 19th century knife and the blade has what looks like the letters "S-BXW" or something similar stamped or scratched into one side with two small pieces pewter or lead missing at the front of the handle on both sides of the tang but most of the decorations are still solid and intact.

There are two rivets holding the wood to the tang but hard to see as they are covered over by pewter or lead and the knife has some interesting Tee Pee or X symbols on both sides. This knife could of been at the Little Big Horn but we will never know for sure...........Would make a nice addition to a smaller beaded or tacked Indian Sheath or a great addition to your Indian or Fur Trade collection.

We still have a very low starting price with and a seven day inspection with money back guarantee if not satisfied for any reason so you have nothing to lose. We guarantee that everything we have said above is the truth or we don't say it. Thank you for looking and please see our other Antique Indian and Fur Trade items and have a great Holiday Season.......................

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