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If there is ever going to be a 5 Million Dollar Baseball Card, what would that card look like?

What if someday someone found a Mickey Mantle Rookie Card in Perfect Condition?

Could a Mickey Mantle Rookie Card Graded BGS 10 sell for $5,000,000.00?

My answer is YES!

However, that card has never been found.

What about a card of a Modern Day Player?

First of all the card would have to be of a Hall of Fame Caliber Player.

Perhaps someone like Mike Trout or Albert Pujols.

The most valuable card of modern day Superstars is almost always their Rookie Card.

However, there have been many Superstar Rookie Cards with BGS 10 or PSA 10.

So for a card to sell for $5,000,000.00, there would have to be an X FACTOR.

Something that makes this card so incredibly rare and unique.

Something that would make it stand out from all other baseball cards.

What about an ERROR CARD?

How Rare are ERROR CARDS? - Not Very Rare.

How Rare are Superstar Rookie Cards with a Significant ERROR? - Extremely Rare!!

How Rare is a Limited Numbered Superstar ERROR CARD with a Perfect BGS 10?


What if there is a card that is . . .

So Incredibly Unique, so Incredibly Rare . . .

That there has never been one like it before . . .

And it is very likely there will never be another one like it again.


INTRODUCING one of the RAREST Baseball Cards in over 100 years . . .

Giancarlo Stanton 2010 Rookie Card

Bowman Sterling Purple Refractor #03/10 BGS 10


The vast majority of collectors consider a Reverse Negative to be an ERROR CARD.

This fact is reflected in the higher prices that a reverse negative brings compared to the correct card.

Some Reverse Negatives result in a SINGLE ERROR.

The Giancarlo Stanton 2010 Bowman Chrome Purple Refractor (Reverse Negative) resulted in 2 errors!

1. Name MIKE STANTON is spelled backward -ERROR!

2. He is batting Left Handed. -ERROR!

As for the argument that Topps "intentionally" created this reverse negative and it is not an error card

Consider the following line of reason.

If you "intentionally" give your Social Security Number Backward, would they consider that to be an error?

If you "intentionally" give your Credit Card Number Backward, would they consider that to be an error?

If you "intentionally" sign your name backward on a check, would the bank consider that to be an error."

The answer to these questions is obvious to everyone.

Of course, these are considered to be an ERROR!

It doesn't matter if these were done "intentionally."

Seriously, even "IF" Topps intentionally did this, what REALLY MATTERS is . . .

HowIncredibly UNIQUEandRARE this card is and Always Will Be!


#2Stanton is BATTING LEFT HANDED - ERROR!!!!!!!!!!!


There has NEVER been aBGS 10

Limited Numbered Rookie Cardwith More Than One Error. . .


(Not a Football card. Not a Basketball card. Not a Baseball card.)


This is theONLY ONE!

Not only is this a DOUBLE ERROR card.

It is a ROOKIE CARD of anMVP, Home Run King, Future Hall of Famer!

2010 Bowman Sterling Purple Refractor #03/10 is . . .

Giancarlo Stanton's


Graded BGS 10!!!

This card is an . . .INVESTOR'S DREAM CARD.

Someday many investors will be able to tell their family and friends"I had a chance to buy this card."

If Giancarlo Stanton has 4 or 5 monster Home Run Years,IMAGINE if you owned this card.

A Tom Brady Card #/100 sold for $250,000! (This card was graded ONLYBGS 9)

A Mike Trout Card sold for$500,000!Best Offer Accepted.(This card was graded ONLYBGS 9)

A 2010Giancarlo Stanton#03/10BGS 10DOUBLE ERROR RookieCardwill someday sell for. . .




If that card has a HIGH GRADE it can INCREASE ITS VALUE over 10,000 TIMES or MORE!

An example is the Classic 1990 Frank Thomas (No Name) ERROR Card.

A Frank Thomas 1990 Topps (Non-Error) Rookie Card sold for $.55 on Nov. 26, 2017

A Frank Thomas 1990 ToppsSingle Error (No Name) Rookie Card Graded BGS 4.5

Sold for $2750.00. Nov. 29, 2017

(That exactly 5,000 TIMES the value of his $ .55 Non-Error card.)

A Frank Thomas 1990 ToppsSingle Error (No Name) Rookie Card Graded PSA 8

Sold for $5645.00 Feb. 12, 2018

(That is over 10,000 TIMES the value of his $ .55 Non-Error card.)

(What would a Frank Thomas 1990 Topps SINGLE ERRORRookie Card Graded BGS 10be worth?)

$25,000.00? $50,000.00? More?

Frank Thomas was one of my all-time favorite players. I use to look at his stats every day.

His cards are way undervalued considering his Hall of Fame Numbers. 2X MVP /.300 Lifetime Batting Avg. /521 HRs

No disrespect to him or other Hall of Famers, but Giancarlo Stanton will someday dwarf their numbers.

Not everyone is a believer. NOT YET.

If he stays healthy, Giancarlo Stanton will go on to become the Greatest Home Run Hitter of All Time!

More than Mike Trout, Babe Ruth, Hank Aaron or any other great player.

Just look at his Home Run Numbers at present age vs some of the greats in the stats below.

When he goes on to greatness all his RARE cards will be worth a LOT of MONEY!

However, the majority of people won't have recognized his greatness or the value of his cards till it . . .

Hits Them Over The Head!!! :-)

Thisis why I don't expect this card to sell yet.

So why am I listing it?

To give it EXPOSUREand to create some TRACTION for when it does eventually sell.

Only a truly insightful investor /collector is going to buy this card.

How much is this Giancarlo Stanton card worth without Errors and Ungraded?

A 2010 Bowman Sterling Purple Refractor Giancarlo Stanton Rookie Card #03/10 is worth at least . . .

$550 to $1000.00

Remember a Single Error Rookie card of Frank Thomas sold for 5,000 TIMES MORE.

That card was only graded BGS 4.5.

What is 5,000 times $550? $2,750,000.00

A Single Error Rookie card of Frank Thomas graded PSA 8 sold for over 10,000 TIMES MORE!

What is 10,000 times $550? $5,500,000.

Frank Thomas’ card was a Single Error BaseCard.

This is a Giancarlo Stanton DOUBLE ERROR Limited Numbered Rookie Card #03/10

This card is not graded BGS 4.5 or a PSA 8.

This card is graded BGS 10!

There are over30 Rare Coins on selling for $100,000.00 or more.

There are 87pieces of Rare Art on selling for $1,000,000.00 or more.

Why do people buy Rare Coins? Rare Art?

Because of the ROI(Return On Investment).

The value of these Rare Collectibles will ALWAYS go Higher.

It is a way of hedging against inflation.

It's the same withRare Baseball Cards of Truly Great Baseball Players.

Their Value and Price will ALWAYSGo Higher.

Giancarlo Stanton

Have you ever stood next to a 6’6’’ guy who is shredded with muscles?

Some of the greatest Home Run hitters like Albert Pujols, Alex Rodriguez, and others are 6’3”

Mark McGwire and Frank Thomas 6’5"

Giancarlo Stanton is 6’6"

Miami Ballpark was the 25th hardest stadium to hit HRs.

Stanton was still able to put up a 59 Home Run year.

Only 3 Baseball Players have hit at least 59 Home Runs in a season. . .

Babe Ruth, Roger Maris, and Giancarlo Stanton. (PED not allowed.)

Now Giancarlo is a Yankee in one of the best stadiums to hit Home Runs. (It's ranked 2nd.)

Giancarlo is now in a lineup withthe American League 2017 Home Run King . . .

Aaron Judge

(He’s even BIGGER than Stanton! "Holy Cow!" as Phil Rizzuto used to say)

Giancarlo Stanton is going to see a lot more quality pitches to hit for Home Runs.


1. Barry Bonds 762* (PED)

2. Hank Aaron 755

3. Babe Ruth 714


Barry Bonds was31yrs old.

Hank Aaron was29yrs old.

Babe Ruth was30yrs old.

Giancarlo Stantonwas ONLY28yrs old!


Barry Bondswas33yrs old.

Hank Aaronwas32yrs old.

Babe Ruthwas32yrs old.


Barry Bonds was36yrs old.

Hank Aaron was34yrs old.

Babe Ruth was34yrs old.


Home Run Per At Bats - Career (No Cheaters Allowed. Bonds/ Rodriguez / McGwire / Sosa)

11.76 Babe Ruth

13.81 Giancarlo Stanton (10.11 Home Runs Per At Bats 2017)

14.79 Ted Williams

15.11 Mickey Mantle

15.55 Ken Griffey Jr.

15.70 Albert Pujols

15.73 Frank Thomas

16.12 Mike Trout

16.22 Lou Gehrig

16.48 Willie Mays

17.31 Hank Aaron

17.42 JD Martinez

17.97Bryce Harper

19.62Kris Bryant

Giancarlo has entered his prime years.

If he stays healthy, he will have LEGENDARY HOME RUN NUMBERS in the next 5 years.

His bat speed and sheer power make him one of the most feared hitters in baseball.

If I'm right it will sure be fun to watch his games and his numbers explode.

5 Reasons Why It Will Never Happen Again!

The Baseball Card would have to be . . .

#1. Reverse NegativeDOUBLE ERROR Card.

#2. Limited Numbered Card.

#3. Rookie Card.

#4. Superstar Card

#5. BGS 10 Card.

These 5 Reasons are why there has only been ONE in over 100 Years!

I sincerely doubt you will ever see another one in your lifetime.

The Once In A Lifetime Card.

For the last 100 years, there has been over 10 BILLIONSports Cards produced. (Some estimate 100B)

Out of Billions of cards, there have been 1000’s of cards produced with errors.

How many Superstar RookieCards(with Significant ERRORS)have there been?

Less than 25!

How many Superstar Limited Number High Grades have there been?

Less than 10!!

Finally, how many . . .

Superstar DOUBLE ERROR Rookie Cards (Graded BGS 10) have there been in the last 100 years?


Giancarlo Stanton

2010 Official Rookie Card

2010 Bowman SterlingPurple Refractor#03/10

BGS 10


Please do me a favor,

(Let other collectors and investors know about this ONCE IN A LIFETIME CARD.)

The ONLY BGS 10DOUBLE ERRORRookie Card To Ever Exist!!!



It will NEVER happen again.


2017 National League MVP

NL Home Run King - 59

Major League RBI Leader - 132

2018 - "Adjustment Year" for Giancarlo Stanton.

Despite the "Tremendous Pressure" of signing a huge contract.

Despite the "Enormous Expectations" of playing in New York.

Despite going from the NL to facing all new pitchers in the AL.

Despite moving from a small market team to the biggest market team in baseball.

Despite a hamstring issue and not able to rest during Judge's injury.

Despite having to face the brutal NY media coverage . . .

Giancarlo Stanton was still able to hit 38 Home Runs (which would have tied theNL lead for themost home runs) plus he drove in 100 RBIs.

Stanton has hit 97 Home Runs in the last 2 years.

Many Hall of Fame playershaveNEVER hit that many home runs in back to back years.

Including Lou Gehrig / Mickey Mantle / Hank Aaron. and many more home run hitters.

There are 2 videos on YouTube showing every one of his 2017 / 2018 Home Runs. They are AWESOME!

There are too many "what-have-you-done-for-me-lately" baseball fans.

Instead of remembering all the great memories a baseball player gives us, the disloyal "Fickle Fans" and the "Dig-up-the-Dirt" media magnify the strikeouts and the slumps.

Mickey Mantle hit 54 HRs one year and only 30 HRs the next year.

Babe Ruth hit 59 HRs one year and 35 HRs the next year.

Giancarlo Stanton hit 59 HRs in 2017 and 38 HRs in 2018.

(According to "Fickle Fans" these 3 Yankees must be "BUMS"!!!.

Giancarlo Stanton.

"Destined for Greatness"

Special Note:

When this card sells think how that kind of publicity is going to INCREASE the awareness and VALUE of this card.

If Giancarlo Stanton achieves Greatness as a New York Yankee . . .

I truly believe this card will crack the Top Ten Most Valuable Baseball Cards List.

It is an absolutely BEAUTIFUL CARD.


Because there are too many people on who have BUYER’S REMORSE please be advised.

It is the responsibility of the buyer to look at the photos and ask ANY questions.

All my cards have a NO REFUND POLICY.

(I just want to deal with reasonable, committed buyers.)

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