Masutatsu Oyama KARATE Super Rare Memorabilia real black belt F/S From Japan For Sale

Masutatsu Oyama KARATE Super Rare Memorabilia real black belt F/S From Japan

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Masutatsu Oyama KARATE Super Rare Memorabilia real black belt F/S From Japan:

Masutatsu Oyama10th Anniversary deathSuper Rare Memorabilia









Twenty-five years have passed since Sosai Mas. Oyama breathed his last. This is the item was producted for a 10th anniversary of his decease and it is the memorabilia that frame memorial collectables each symbolizing the soul and spirit Sosai Mas. Oyama had reached.Although we were thinking about production at the time as a limited number of 250 pieces, we actually only produced 50 pieces, and there are no plans to make additional production in the future. In addition, only selling to extreme branch offices nationwide and abroad, it will be a super rare product which is sold only a few in the general market.

Framed together in the plaque, the memorabilia consist of a relief of the right fist of Sosai Mas. Oyama with which he built up his kyokushin style, a relief of the amazing bull in a fight with Oyama, the dojo kun (dojo oath) of the Kyokushinkaikan, Oyama’s motto, his photo graphic portrait, and a portion of the black belt that Oyama would regularly wear, and a replica of his real black belt. The plaque is made of fraxinus spaethiana, one of the deciduous trees growing in Hokkaido that is noted for its gorgeous grain and is often used for cabinets or other high-quality furniture. The mat in the plaque is provided in blue, Oyama's favorite color, and is edged with gold and silver. The acrylic surface is featured to protect the inner items against UV rays. The colors of the plaque, mat, and items inside make a beautiful contrast with each other, evoking a sense of elegance in the way the memorabilia looks. At the same time, an air of solidity and stateliness comes in combination of the vigor of Kyokushin from the collectable items each symbolizing the glorious accomplishments of Sosai Mas. Oyama.Quantity (limited edition):250sets (actuary 50sets) Size(L)690mm×(W)1040mm×(D)55mm Edition No:40 With certificate of Kikuko Kuristina Oyama is Oyama's daughter.

(each part)

-An Autographed Photo of Sosai Mas. Oyama-

A photographic portrait of Sosai Mas. Oyama in his meridian of life. The photo is so excellent that it catches the very essence of Sosai Mas. Oyama, as typified by something both dignified and benevolent perceived in his penetrating eyesight. At the lower right of the photo, you recognize a transcription of his real autograph as well as the embossed mark of the Kyokushinkaikan. The giclee print reveals any subtle differences in color. This portrait is the same as the one displayed in front of the Shinto altar at the Kyokushinkaikan Honbu Dojo. As in the outer plaque of the product, the frame of the photo is also made of fraxinus spaethiana whose gorgeous grain makes a fine contrast with the photo.

-Used and Replica of the Real Black Belt-

Sosai Mas. Oyama is a 10th Dan (Ju Dan) black belt, the sole and highest grade of the Kyokushin karate. The end portions of the 10th Dan black belt that Sosai Mas. Oyama was actually using are reproduced in the same size, material, and design as the original. The left side of the replica as you face is embroidered in gold with the kanji characters reading Oyama sosai (Sosai Oyama), below which are ten gold embroidered lines to stand for the 10th Dan as well as the logo of the Kyokushinkaikan. The right side is also embroidered in gold with the kanji characters reading kyokushin karate domei kyokushinkaikan (International Karate Organization Kyokushinkaikan). The middle portion incorporates part of the severed real black belt that Sosai Mas. Oyama would regularly use when he was alive.

-A Relief of the Fist-

In his early years, Sosai Mas. Oyama went over to the United States and spent his days there fighting with numerous fighters of martial arts. One day, he attempted to cut 12 co-ca-cola bottles with his bare hands in the presence of other fighters and succeeded in cutting nine out of them. On seeing the scene, the fighters shouted "God hand" in unison, which then became another name that is widely recognized to best symbolize Sosai Mas. Oyama.That "God hand" comes in the form of a relief. Of the great many photos of Sosai Mas. Oyama's right fist, the one taken late in his life is selectively reproduced into a copper relief on which gold is plated. The relief engraves the history of Sosai Mas. Oyama together with that of Kyokushin. With this fist, Oyama cut bottles, split boulders, and won numerous fierce fights. The fist is said to have formed thick calluses on it, for Oyama would beat the fist 300 times a day with an iron hammer to train it to be tougher and tougher. The relief allows you to realistically recognize the "fist calluses" as well as the thumb's nail, part of which was chipped in a street fight just after the end of the war. The relief looks three-dimensional and quite lifelike.

-A Relief of the Fighting Bull-

Here is a replica of the relief portion of the memorial plaque that was customarily denoted to a limited number of parties concerned, including the guests of honor at all Japan or world tournament programs that used to be held every four years; representatives of participating countries such as kings and prime ministers; and other parties who supported Kyokushin or contributed to its expansion. The relief represents the scene of Sosai Mas. Oyama's fighting with a raging bull. It is a perfect replica of the relief from the sole original memorial plaque that is left at the Kyokushinkaikan Honbu (Headquarters). The relief is made of copper and is plated with silver. In his struggling days of seeking the utmost strength, Sosai Mas. Oyama put himself through showdowns against not only numerous martial arts masters but also "bulls" that do not understand any language or rules. Oyama tried out his strength on bulls, partly to train himself but largely to seek the utmost form of a fight far beyond real matches with human fighters. This challenge eventually made the strength of the Kyokushin style recognized worldwide. According to the records, Oyama fought with 47 bulls both in Japan and overseas. He reverently buried all the bulls he killed and held a memorial service for them.

-Dojo Kun (Dojo Oath)-

1. We will train our hearts and bodies for a firm unshaking spirit.

1. We will pursue the true meaning of the Martial Way, So that in time,our senses may be alert. 1. With true vigor, we will seek to cultivate a spirit of self denial.

1. We will observe the rules of courtesy, respect our superiors, and refrain from violence.

1. We will follow our god, and never forget the true virtue of humility.

1. We will look upwards to wisdom and strength, not seeking other desires.

1. All our lives, through the discipline of karate, we will seek to fulfill the true meaning of the kyokushin way.

The Dojo Kun is the seven articles of oaths into which the Kyokushin principles are organized. When Sosai Mas. Oyama founded the Kyokushinkaikan, he prescribed them under the supervision of Eiji Yoshikawa, a famous author who wrote the life of Musashi Miyamoto that Oyama respected greatly. As was the case with many Japanese in the chaotic post-war Japan, young Oyama was lost in the way he should take in life, when he encountered Eiji Yoshikawa's 'Miyamoto Musashi'. Recalling the days when he read the life of Musashi for the first time, Oyama once said, "I was filled with overwhelming impression at Musashi's way of life as a genuine samurai who was not only exceptionally strong but also lived up to his beliefs."

The following characters are printed on the brass plates. These are the motto of Sosai Mas. Oyama that would best represent the spiritual fundamentals of Kyokushin among his numerous works of calligraphy. The passage bespeaks the rigors of the kyokushin practioners' training as well as the virtue of mastering the secrets of an art. In an effort to spread the art and knowledge of Kyokushin, Oyama frequently referred to this passage both in and outside his dojo and wrote it down wherever he had a chance to.

Masutatsu Oyama 1923-1994 Founder of International Karate Organization Kyokushinkaikan with one-thousand days of training, one is but a novice; Only with ten-thousand days of training, one can be the master. Such is the spirit of Kyokushin.

"The man who gave his entire life to Karate-do."


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