Early Vintage Jefferson Spivey Custom Sabertooth Bowie and/or Survival Knife For Sale

Early Vintage Jefferson Spivey Custom Sabertooth Bowie and/or Survival Knife

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Early Vintage Jefferson Spivey Custom Sabertooth Bowie and/or Survival Knife :

Note: Theset will be shipped insured which is included in the shipping costs. I'll cover any additional insurance required by the purchase price. Please note that the shipping terms are five business days. I usually get things out much quicker, but due to health issues (Multiple Sclerosis) I have to allow for the occasional days when I'm not able to do much. Keep this in mind if trying to contact me as well. I will respond but at times it may take a bit longer.

Offered for your consideration is a very early vintage custom "Sabertooth" survival knife from legendary writer/knifemaker Jefferson Spivey. Spivey was a popular writer/outsdoorsman/horseman/adventurer who invented the Sabertooth on 1968 while on a coast to coast horseback ride. This knife has a fascinating history and is very popularin survivalist and military circles. In fact, many Sabertooths were pressed into service in both Iraq and Afghanistan. Knife World did a book titled "The Sabertooth Knives of Jefferson Spivey" that really threw these knives into the limelight. Spivey first made the knife commecially at the urging of theDirector of the National Cowboy Hall of Fame. When Spivey decided to make the knives on a custom basis he called Bo Randall for advice. Randall called him back a while later to check on his progress and Spivey sent him serial number 015, which now resides in the Randall Museum in Orlando. This is a very early version that bears serial number 106. In fact, the sawback feature had not yet been added and the sheath does not have the Sabertooth logo. These earlyknives are easily distinguishable by the circle with the patent inside mark, along with the serial number on the guard. This example was made in 1977 and was one of the very first knives that would come to known as the "Standard" model. Spivey made 108 knives for the Cowboy Hall of Fame and they were priced at $250 in 1977, selling more recently for up to $1,500. The first six were proofs that were marked with the letters "A" through "F", and then serial numbers 1-102. This was the fourth Standard Model ever made and only aboutthree-hundred total were made from 1977-1984. All of the Cowboy Hall of Fame knives andmost of the Standard models had smooth spines and Black Walnut handles. A registry exists that documents the history of just about all of the knives that Spivey made. As I recall, the original registry that Spivey kept on every knife he made was stolen many years ago. However, years later a friend or acquaintance produced a copy that had been forgotten about.

Since we've entered the internet age, hundreds of knifemakers and would-be knifemakers have entered the industry. Some are very talented and produce exceptional knives. A few even produce work comparable to many of the makers in the Knifemaker's Guild. However, a large number simply buy blade blanks and off-the-shelf mounts, put the knife together, add a bit of finish work or filework to the spine, etch their name on the knife and sell the knife as a "handmade custom" knife.Spivey was a skilled craftsman who made his knives by hand.

Theknife shows no signs of having been used or sharpened and remains in excellent condition. It may have been carried a bit but does not appear to have everbeen used to cut. It has not been cleaned or buffed and remains original.

The knife was beautifully crafted and has a classic look. The ring-guard design gives the knife a very distinctive appearance. The design is so distinctive that after his patent expired, Spivey received a design trademark for the knife. The blade was crisply ground and has a great look. It features a combination finish with the edge and tip having been polished to a deeply mirrored finish, while the guard and upper part of the blade have a heavy satin finish. The blade was ground with a large, pronounced thumb ramp and the ring-guard feature is integral. The blade is free of any significant corrosion or pitting with just some scattered light carbon spotting as shown. It shows just a touch of light sheath rub and is free of any scratches or abrasions. The handle is of Black Walnut and was hand shaped. The wood was nicely finished and imparts a rich warmth to the hand. The thick scales were tightly pinned and they're free of any cracks, chips, gouges, damage, or wear. The "ear" on the right thumb ramp is a bit shorter than the left, but under close inspection this appears to be "as made". The handle offers a firm, comfortable grip and has a very natural feel in the hand.

The blade is 7-1/4" and the knife measures 12-3/4" in overall length.

The sheathis the original and was made by Spivey as well. It was crafted from thick leather and was very nicely done. Spivey was also an accomplished saddlemaker, so the quality should speak for itself. The sheath is completely problem-free, showing just some light soiling from storage/handling. It shows very little (if any) belt wear.

If you appreciate fine, handmade custom knives, this is a legendary knife that will be a treasured heirloom.

An early example of this popular knife from a fascinating maker!!

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