66" VINTAGE Baseball Bat. Louisville Slugger 'Babe Ruth' with BONUS leather ball For Sale


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66" VINTAGE Baseball Bat. Louisville Slugger 'Babe Ruth' with BONUS leather ball:

Aunt Joy’s Country Store... from America's Heartland


Vintage 66" tall Louisville Slugger 'Babe Ruth' authentic replica baseball bat

with abonus oversized baseball.

The bat and baseball areNO LONGER AVAILABLE and are from THE THINK BIG Store of NYC.

One Owner... I purchased this as a gift for my hubby in the 1980's.

see article below about THE THINK BIG STORE.

BAT... This is a very nice replica bat in excellent condition except for one small nick that is pictured. This bat has been sitting on a shelf since it was purchased and has only been handled a dozen times to show it off or when we moved. It appears to be a pressed wood composition. I do not have any other information on this since the store closed long ago.

BALL... This ball is 12 inches in diameter and is a white leather over a styrofoam center.Authentic baseball stitching. Very lightweight. there is no logo or any writiing on the ball. The ball has somefaint fingerprints on it and I was reluctant to clean it as i don't want to damage it so will leave that up to thenew owner. Same as the bat, it has not been handled much as it is just for looks and really does look great on your shelf.

A very nice addition to your sports memorabilia collection.

I am selling all of my hubbys sports memorabilia collection of balls, bats, cards etc that he has acquired over 30 years as a MLB professional baseball scout for 7 different teams. (we are downsizing). Feel free to call or email for more authenication info or more pictures.

There are other large bats on the market but they don't have the Trademark logo and signatures of this bat. A very rare find and it looks absolutely great in your office. A definite conversation piece for any sports store.

... cute little boy not included.


The bat and ball will be shipped via Federal Express with buyer signature required. $75 for USA destinations. $150 for international destinations.

Buyer may also pick up Bat and Ball and pay cash.


Please pay via Paypal within3 days of end of sale.


I ship within48 hours of receiving your confirmed payment. I will send you an email to notify you of the exact ship date and shipping method, with tracking number.


I strive to accurately describe all sales and I want you to be a happy customer, so please call or email if you are not completely satisfied with your purchase.Good communication is the key to a pleasant transaction.


Refund available for 24 hours. Item must be shipped back via Federal Express within 24 hours of delivery. You must call to notify me that you are returning the item. So please email or call with your questions or request for addtional pictures. Refunds are for product only, no refunds for shipping and handling charges.


I leave positive response for your prompt payment. Remember... good communication is the key to a happy customer and a pleasant transaction.

Thank you.

CONTACT INFO. If you have further questions, please email or call toll free 1-866-AUNTJOY (1-866-286-8569.)

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Aunt Joy

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2 Articles about The Think Big Store.

1. From Wikipedia…

Think Big! was a retail store originally established in New York City in 1979. It was closed in 1994.


The small store was an a joint endeavor by two friends, an artist Phyllis Prinz and a business man Robert Malkin. The two, who had an affinity for collecting over-sized antique display pieces, opened their store against the advice of friends and experts. The product line started with a small offering consisting of giant 6 foot pencils and replicas of giant 5-foot Crayola crayons. [1]

The entrepreneurs had great success and expanded into a nation-wide catalog retail concept. The Think Big! product line grew to offer over 100 different larger-than-life objects. With the added success of catalog sales many franchise locations began to open across the country as the pop art style caught on through the 1980s. The unique creations have been featured in many films including Forrest Gump and Big both starring Tom Hanks.

Think Big flourished in the 1980s, when the scaled-up aesthetic was popular. Other companies, such as Swatch, also created comically large versions of their wares. In the early 1990s the retailer was at its peak and was sold to the high-end art gallery firm Martin Lawrence Galleries. The gallery already had many retail locations and attracted the interest of pop art fans with their huge collection of Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein artwork. However, the Think Big franchise stores began to disappear, subject to high rent retail locations and increased expense for catalog production.

By 1994, all retail locations of Think Big had been closed down by Martin Lawrence Galleries.[2] The gallery's collection of Warhol art was diminishing and interest in the high-art was curbed by economic hardships. The gallery mailed out the last Think Big! catalog in 1994 and refocused on expanding its collection of high-end art to include a broader variety of printed artworks.

After about 5 years in hibernation, the Think Big product line was rejuvenated by the boom of the Internet and the determination of Jeff Bruette when he founded GreatBigStuff. GreatBigStuff is an online-only retailer of over-sized versions of everyday objects. In 2001, Bruette located a former Martin Lawrence executive who owned all of the remaining Think Big inventory from 1994 and worked out a trade agreement - three of Bruette's personal Warhol's in exchange for all the remaining inventory. GreatBigStuff have since redesigned and resurrected many of the original Think Big Products.

2. People Magazine. Archive Article

America's Love of Whimsy Made These Folks Blow Things Out of Proportion

By Linda Marx

Artists Phyllis Prinz and Bob Malkin gave up secure, high-paying jobs four years ago to sell oversize replicas of crayons, pencils, paper clips and other familiar items from a tiny shop in Manhattan's SoHo district. Their families and friends thought the idea was insane: Who would pay $60 for a nonfunctioning, five-foot orange Crayola or $90 for a six-foot plastic Dixon Ticonderoga No. 2? "We were nuts all right," says Phyllis, 44. "But I loved Pop art from the '60s—like Andy Warhol's Campbell's soup can. And I thought giant products would be more exciting than posters and prints." Prinz met Malkin, 42, in 1972, when the Long Island metal and plastics specialty firm he worked for made a sculpture for an exhibit she was producing in Manhattan. She admired his technical talent and his collection of large nostalgic sculptures of shoes and eyeglasses, which he had bought at sales. Phyllis proposed forming a partnership to manufacture outsize baseball bats, postage stamps, toothbrushes and other oddities. They pooled their savings, got a $15,000 bank loan, and in March of 1979 opened the Pop/Eye-Think Big Shop on SoHo's arty Thompson Street. At the time they had fewer than 10 products for sale. But people looking for kooky items for home decoration flocked to the store; 1,000 pencils were sold in the first year alone. "We became obsessed with the shop, working seven days a week," says Phyllis. "We were trying to learn the business. We finally got tough by paying closer attention to the bottom line." By last year they were in the black. Now, with three more stores than Prinz and Malkin started with (a second, and larger, one in SoHo, an outlet on Manhattan's East Side and a San Francisco franchise), Think Big is selling 35 different items and will gross nearly $1 million this year. Lily Tomlin received one of the company's Crayolas as a gift, Woody Allen has a two-foot, $35 harmonica, and Rod Steiger plunked down $175 for a four-and-a-half-foot tennis racket. Think Big's founders obtained the rights to trademarked items such as the Crayola for nothing because the companies involved like the publicity. As for sales, "We're encouraged after watching our customers squeal with delight," says Phyllis. Prinz has two sons, age 14 and 11, and a husband in the package-design business. Malkin, the Oxford-educated offspring of a Brooklyn taxi driver, is separated from his wife of 20 years and has two daughters, age 21 and 14. He has designs for 300 additional items on the drawing board and wants to open more stores across the country. "We have turned our fantasy into reality," he says. "Our lives have been touched with the luck that others only dream of."

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