1931 Steelcraft GOODYEAR Zeppelin, Blimp Airship Dirigible, VG Orig, NO RESERVE For Sale

1931 Steelcraft GOODYEAR  Zeppelin, Blimp Airship Dirigible, VG Orig, NO RESERVE

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1931 Steelcraft GOODYEAR Zeppelin, Blimp Airship Dirigible, VG Orig, NO RESERVE:

DESCRIPTION:A pressed steel zeppelin manufactured by Steelcraft (Murray Ohio Manufacturing) with Goodyear labels. It was numbered #140 by the manufacturer andproduced in 1931.For those of you who use Joe and Sharon Freed's reference book you will find itlisted on page 307.All9 decals are present. There are three simulated engines with propellers underneath, all propellers are present and spin by hand rotation as they were designed to do. There are two steel wheels towardthe rear with rubber tires. One of those wheels has a gearthat moves against ametal strip. Together theyfunction as aclicker device, and it works great (seeclose up photo). There is asimulated gondola underneath, and in the center of the gondola is a steel caster wheel.The toy is massive, and measuresa whopping 30 1/2 inches long and 8 inches high. It isessentially the same size as the iconic Buddy L aeriel ladder truck (not counting the extending ladders). Iposted a photo of this zeppelin next toa Buddy L aeriel ladder so that you can appreciate its scale.

CONDITION: It is 100% complete and original, and in very good condition. The gondola and all fins are solid and do not appear to have been bent as is sometimes found.There is play wear and paint scrapes as you will see in the photos.No touch ups or repairs.Thedecals visually reflect theage of the toy, and yet all in very stable condition andadher firmlyto the body. Even the fourdecals on the finsretain their great colors and have not faded as isusually the case on similar toys I have come across. Together, the unique conditions of this toycombine to create a great patina for an object of this vintage. The rubber tires have great treads, are solid and have no stresss cracks. The clicker works. I did place some duct tape around the shaft of the caster wheel to create a more snug fit, and you can see that plainly in one of the photos I posted.

SPECIAL: There are a lot of Steelcraft zeppelin toys, but most are smaller. Only some those even havepropellers, and most those are adorned with labelsrelated to the Graf Zeppelin. In more than 25 years of pressed steel collecting Iam only aware of 4 or 5 that are around that havethis iconic label.If you want to have a zeppelin in your collection, this Goodyear zeppelin istruly aspecial and scarceversion of a very cool toy.

GUARANTEE: I guarantee my description of this toy, and will refund the successful buyers fees if it was not accurately represented. I try to provide complete, objectivedescriptions and clear photos, but please askemail yourquestions if I have not covered information that is of interest to you.

SHIPPING: I use UPS, and therefore cannot ship to PO Boxes. Iwill fully insure this toy for the final offer value. It will be extremely well protected and packaged for safe passage to your home. Iwill cover withbubble-wrap and will useStyrofoam peanuts for packing. I ship only to destinations in the continental USA. To cover all of this a flat rate of $35 will be added to thefinal offer price.

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ADDITIONAL NOTE: The toy I am listing has all four tail fins. Often one or more are missing. My toy is complete.

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