1926 Hockey Book of Champions Pictorial.EXTREMELY RARE For Sale

1926 Hockey Book of Champions Pictorial.EXTREMELY RARE

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1926 Hockey Book of Champions Pictorial.EXTREMELY RARE:

An INCREDIBLE book that is EXTREMELY RARE. I obtained this copy about 40 years ago at an antique show. I have never seen one before or since despite collecting and dealing in sports memorabilia for over 40 years and attending dozens and dozens of the largest sports memorabilia shows all over North America during those 40+ years!

This book, subtitled “Book of Champions” is 194 pages including the covers and has a whopping 209 team photos in it. A few of the same one appear in different parts of the book so there about 200 different team photos, almost all WITH THE PLAYERS NAMES LISTED UNDER OR ON THEM! All of course are black and white. Most of the photos measure approx. 4” x 6”. The photos range from 1888 through 1925. The book is soft cover and measures approximately 8 ½” x 11”.

NOTE: In this ad I am selling a photocopied version of the original book which I own. I have carefully reproduced every page including the covers and it is spiral bound for easy page turning and reference. Considering the true rarity of this book and the unlikely chance you will ever find an original copy so his is a great opportunity to acquire the next best thing.

Some of the Stanley Cup Champs photos are different ones than you normally see published including ones in the Hockey Hall of Fame! And more importantly, what makes these UNIQUE is that these photos have the players identified for every one of the Stanley Cup photos and virtually every other photo in the book! It is very rare to find the very old Stanley Cup Champions photos with the players identified on them!

Obviously there are many very rare photos in this book, many that I’m sure have not be seen or published for 50-70 years or more! After all, the book is almost 95 years old!

Also, besides the players names listed below the photos, many have their positions listed as well! Some also have the captains noted. Many photos also include team executives, etc. and most include the trophies the team won, often more than one trophy.

Obviously there are piles of NHL stars throughout the book, especially in the Stanley Cup Champs photos but there are also many in other photos as well. I have noted some in the photo list at the bottom but there are other rare and unusual photos featuring NHLers and Hall of Famers as well.


And the most historical photo in the book….1888 Queens University Kingston League Champs. According to the book, the birthplace of organized hockey was a game this team played at Captain Dix’s rink in Kingston harbor versus The Royal Military College. The book describes the player’s uniforms, the rink, etc. The Queen’s team are pictured in suits and the team of 7 players includes 2 lawyers, 2 doctors and the librarian for the Supreme Court of Canada! Soon after this a four team league was formed and the Queen’s team won the playoffs and were the 1888 Kingston Champions.


It was very difficult to photocopy this book because of the type of binding. Also because of the printing methods, low quality of the paper, etc. which obviously weren’t nearly as good as today’s standards, it was difficult getting all the print and photos to come out perfectly. In some spots there are minor printing flaws in the book where the print is a little lighter than other spots but still very readable. Overall, they have come out quite well, just don’t expect perfect 2015 quality photos! Some of the photos in the book are quite dark to start with, especially teams wearing very dark uniforms. Some of the pages in the book have a crease running from top to bottom (anywhere from ¼ of the page to the entire length of the page). These show up as a thin line when photocopied. All are to one side of the page, usually about ½ way between the middle and side edge.


I counted a whopping 85 NHL Hall of Fame players throughout these team photos. There could be more and some obviously appear in more than one photo::

Georges Vezina

Joe Malone

Newsy Lalonde

Aurel Joliat

Slylvio Mantha

Cyclone Taylor

Lester Patrick

King Clancy

Art Ross

Clint Benedict

Sprague Cleghorn

Cy Denneny

Didier Pitre

Harry Hyland

Hooley Smith

Hap Holmes

Paddy Moran

Percy Lesueur

Harry Broadbent

Jack Adams

Frank Nighbor

Hugh Lehman

George Hainsworth

Roy Worters

Lionel Conacher

George Boucher

Mike Grant

Russell Crawford

Red Dutton

Howie Morenz

Si Griffis

Arthur Farrell

Babe Siebert

George Hay

Billy McGimsie

Jack Laviolette

Frank Frederickson

George McNamara

“Moose” Watson

Babe Dye

Bun Cook

Conn Smythe

Jimmy Gardner

Harry Cameron

Mickey McKay

Jack Marshall

Dickie Boon

George Richardson

Harry Westwick

Fred Scanlan

Moose Johnson

Barney Stanley

Dick Irvin

Nels Stewart

Reg Noble

Frank Rankin

Bruce Stuart

Jack Darragh

Bill Stuart

Tom Dunderdale

Jack Ruttan

Tommy Smith

Herb Gardiner

Scotty Davidson

Tom Phillips

Harry Trihey

Jack Walker

Frank Foyston

Shorty Green

Joe Hall

Fred Maxwell

Eddie Gerard

Alf Smith

Russell Bowie

Ernie Russell

Dan Bain

Harry Oliver

Riley Hern

Billy Gilmour

Joe Simpson

Harvey Pulford

Marty Walsh

Frank McGee

Graham Drinkwater Billy Burch


Besides the amazing photos, there is lots of fascinating reading. This book covers the 1921/22 through 1924/25 seasons quite extensively but other years also have some statistics, results, standings, rosters, the odd scoring leaders and league histories and lists of past champions.

There are sections on the origin of hockey, the “world series”, the history of hockey in the U.S., etc. There is extensive coverage of the history of the O.H.A. (the main portion of the book) from 1890/91 through 1924/25 including a year by year history, rosters, stats, standings etc. for various years, various leagues, various levels.

There is even a little coverage of European leagues.

There are piles of interesting facts throughout, including things such as the Stanley Cup participants winning $ (teams shares and/or individual players shares), rules, etc. coming out of annual league meetings, team and player movements, etc. etc. There is a rules section which is also very interesting (ie. “no megaphones” to be used by coaches and “no loafing offside”).

There are not very many pages with advertising, most are for hockey equipment and most of those are for skates so the ads are quite cool as well.


Virtually all the photos in this book are of champions of some kind….Stanley Cup, Allan Cup, Memorial Cup, Olympics, Pacific Coast, Junior, Intermediate, Senior, Provincial, University, regional as well as the odd Bantam, Midget, Commercial, Industrial league, etc. There are also four different WOMEN’S hockey champions team photos.

This is a list of the more significant team photos included:


1893/94 Montreal AAA

1894/95 Montreal Victorias

1895/96 Montreal Victorias

1895/96 Winnipeg Victorias

1896/97 Montreal Victorias

1897/98 Montreal Victorias

1898/99 Montreal Shamrocks

1899/00 Montreal Shamrocks

1900/01 Winnipeg Victorias

1901/02 Montreal AAA

1903/04 Ottawa Senators

1904/05 Ottawa Senators

1906/07 Kenora Thistles

1906-08 Montreal Wanderers

1908/09 Ottawa Senators

1909/10 Montreal Wanderers

1910/11 Ottawa Senators

1911/12 Quebec Bulldogs

1912/13 Quebec Bulldogs

1913/14 Toronto Blueshirts

1914/15 Vancouver Millionaires

1916-1919 Montreal Canadiens

1916/17 Montreal Canadiens (1916 champs) and Seattle Metropolitians (1917 champs). A great photo on the ice with each team in a line side by side and all the players identified)

1917/18 Toronto Arenas

1920/21 Ottawa Senators

1921/22 Toronto St. Pats

1922/23 Ottawa Senators

1923/24 Montreal Canadiens

1924/25 Victoria Cougars (front cover of the book)


1920 Winnipeg Falcons. First ever Olympic Gold medal winners while representing Canada. Pictured in Falcons uniforms (including Hall of Famer Frank Fredrickson)

1920 USA Olympic team. Silver medalists

1924 Toronto Granites. Gold medal winners pictured in their Canada uniforms (This team was led by Hall of Famers Harry “Moose” Watson (37 goals in 5 games) and Hooley Smith (17 goals, 16 assists in 5 games). They outscored the opposition 110-3 in those five games!

1924 USA Olympic team. Silver medalists


1908/09 Queen’s University

1909/10 Toronto St. Michael’s

1911/12 Winnipeg Victorias

1912/13 Winnipeg Hockey Club

1913/14 Regina Victorias

1914/15 Winnipeg Monarchs

1915/16 Winnipeg 61st Battalion

1916/17 Toronto Dentals

1917/18 Kitchener Hockey Club (with Hall of Fame goalie George Hainsworth)

1918/19 Hamilton Tigers

1920/21 University of Toronto

1921/22 Toronto Granites

1922/23 Toronto Granites

1924/25 Port Arthur Bearcats


1911/12 New Westminster Royals (with Hall of Famers Harry Hyland, Moose Johnson, Hugh Lehman and Jimmy Gardner (manager)

1914/15 Victoria Cougars (with Hall of Famers Lester Patrick, Tom Dunderdale)

1915/16 Portland Rosebuds (with Tom Dunderdale and Moose Johnson)

1919/20 Seattle Metropolitans (featuring Hall of Fame goalie Hap Holmes)

1921/22 Vancouver Millionaires (with Hall of Famer players Hugh Lehman, Mickey McKay, Jack Adams and Lester Patrick, team president)

1919-23 Vancouver (Hugh Lehman, Si Griffis, Mickey McKay, Cyclone Taylor, Barney Stanley)


1919 University of Toronto Schools (first ever Memorial Cup)

1920 Toronto Canoe Club Paddlers (with Hall of Famers Roy Worters, Billy Burch and Lionel Conacher)

1922 Fort William War Veterans

1923 University of Manitoba

1925 Regina Patricias


1921 Cleveland Indians (with Hall of Famer Nels Stewart)

1922 Boston Westminsters

1923 Boston AA

1924 Pittsburgh Yellow Jackets (2 diff. photos) (with Hall of Famers Roy Worters and Lionel Conacher)


1922 North Toronto Ladies (Toronto Hockey League Champs)

1923 Ottawa Alerts (Canadian Ladies Champs)

1923 Wychwood T.H.L. (Intermediate Ladies Champs)

1923 U. Of Toronto, Women’s intercollegiate Champs

CANADIAN INTERCOLLEGIATE CHAMPS (most are senior champs but also includes a couple of intermediate and junior champs)

1903 McGill

1904 Queens

1905 McGill

1906 Queens

1907 U. Of Toronto

1908 U. Of Toronto

1910 Queens

1911 U. of Toronto

1912 McGill

1913 U. of Toronto

1914 McGill

1915 U. of Toronto

1923 U. of Toronto

1923 Royal Military College


1923 Kitchener Greenshirts OHA Junior Champs. (with hall of famer Babe Siebert)

1924 Soo Greyhounds NOHA Senior Champs (with hallof famer Bun Cook)

1921 Stratford Midgets OHA Junior Champs (with a 18/19 year old Howie Morenz)

1923 Stratford Indians OHA Intermediate Champs (with Hall of Famer Howie Morenz)

1913 Sydney Maritime Provincial Champs

1922 Regina Capitals Western Canada Champs (with Hall of Famers Dick Irvin and George Hay playing)

1923 Sons Of Ireland Quebec Provincial Champs

1923 Ottawa St. Patricks, Amateur Hockey Association Champs

1923 Edmonton, Western Canada Champs

1924 Calgary Tigers, Western Canada Champs (with Hall of Famers Rusty Crawford, Harry Oliver, Herb Gardiner and Red Dutton)

To most cities In Canada: $15

In USA:$20

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