One of the best pieces of baseball memorabilia to collect is a game-used or autographed jersey. Baseball jerseys go back to over a century ago, and can fetch a pretty penny as well. The most expensive baseball jersey to date is a 1934 Babe Ruth game-worn jersey that recently sold for $771,000. Most of today’s players usually average around $300, with top stars fetching approximately $1,000 or more. Baseball jerseys are certainly not collectibles for those with who do not have a lot of money to spend. However, for new collectors getting one or two of them can be an enjoyable experience and will provide a lifetime of memories. This article will provide information on how to collect, purchase, and sell game-used or autographed baseball jerseys.

The first step to collecting game-used or autographed baseball jerseys is to put in a great deal of time researching and studying up on baseball jerseys in general. Know how to grade baseball jerseys based on their condition, what distinguishes a vintage baseball jersey from a regular one, and so on. It is much better to put in the research ahead of time and make better purchasing decisions than to just go out on a limb on purchases only to find out that the jersey was a replica or fake. When researching also make an effort to find a particular area you are interested in when it comes to baseball jerseys, whether it is vintage jerseys, famous players, and so on. You will have a much more enjoyable experience collecting baseball jerseys if you have a particular area you are trying to complete as opposed to just collecting any kind of baseball jersey.

Some great places to consider when purchasing game-used or autographed baseball jerseys are local sports memorabilia shops, ballparks, as well as on the internet through online dealers and auctions. All of these are good choices, but it is important to remember that any baseball jersey you purchase for your collection must have attached documentation proving that it is real (or that the signature on the baseball jersey is real). Ask the owner if there are any certificates of authenticity that go alongside the baseball jersey, and if they cannot provide one it is best not to purchase it. The risk is just too high to purchase one that could end up being a fake, especially if it is of a more expensive variety. While all of the places may be good choices, it is recommended that you see the item in-person if at all possible before purchasing online. If not then make sure that there is some form of a money back guarantee if it is not in the condition that was described or is fake. Also, when purchasing a game-used or autographed baseball jersey make sure to get a display case as well to put the jersey in. Not only is a great way to prominently display the jersey but it will also preserve it for much longer, which will lead to a higher profit when selling it later on if that is something you wish to do.

When selling a game-used or autographed baseball jersey make sure that you first know what the jersey is going for on the market. There are many price guides available both online and in print, with Sports Collectors Digest being a great starting point for any baseball jersey collector. By knowing how much your baseball jersey is worth before selling it you will know if an offer is too low for it or if someone is trying to lowball you. As far as where to sell baseball jerseys, the first place to consider is an online auction, as it will bring a lot of exposure and hopefully higher prices in the process. If you would rather negotiate in person a physical auction house or a local hobby shop are great alternatives to consider.

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