Baseball gloves are a great collectible that many can and should appreciate. Before the 1870s, baseball players did not use gloves to catch balls. When the 1870s came around however, and idea sprung up to create a particular glove that would protect baseball players hands when catching a baseball. In essence they were basically large pieces of leather that were sewn together to cover a players hand. Surprisingly it was used sparingly used by players until the 1890s, when a baseball star named Albert Spalding started using one. Everyone else just jumped on the bandwagon and it has been in use since, with a few changes made to the glove here and there. This article will provide pertinent information on how to collect, purchase, and sell game-used or autographed baseball gloves.

When collecting game-used or autographed baseball gloves, it is essential to put in some research first and foremost. Study up on information related to baseball gloves, from vintages ones to new ones. Know the differences between them, and what makes a fake baseball glove from a real one. The most expensive baseball glove in the world is currently a Lou Gehrig game-used one, which is valued at over $375,000. If you are not familiar with what a vintage glove looks like, you may pass up on a gem you could have gotten inexpensively, and that is why it is important to put in at least some research before collecting game-used or autographed baseball gloves. Next, know what you want to collect when it comes to baseball gloves. Are you interested in collecting vintage baseball gloves? How about baseball gloves worn by players on a certain team? There are many different areas to choose from, and the most enjoyable way to collect baseball gloves is to pick one area and stick with it until it is completed.

Depending on the type of baseball glove you are interested in collecting, a great first option is a reputable online dealer. To find out if a company is reputable or not, simply register on a few online sports memorabilia forums and ask around. There are many to be found and it is a great idea to learn from others about collecting baseball gloves along the way during your own quest. If you are interested in vintage baseball gloves, check out some antique stores or museums. When purchasing a baseball glove, make sure there is sufficient documentation to prove that it is an original glove. There are many replicas and fakes out on the market, and the best way to counter this is to always ask for documentation proving that the baseball glove is original or that the signature is real.

After purchasing a baseball glove, there are two things that should be done. First, take it to a baseball glove repair shop and have them clean and/or repair the glove. Check the local phone book or ask online and you should be able to find one fairly easily. Next, make sure to purchase a case or box to put the glove in, especially if it is of value or vintage. A general rule of thumb is that the more expensive the baseball glove is valued to be the more should be spent making sure that it is preserved correctly.

Lastly, when selling a baseball glove the best places to do this are online/in-person auctions and local sports memorabilia shops. Online or in-person auctions will get you the greater amount of exposure to make a larger profit on the baseball glove, but local shops are a good alternative as well if you do not want to fork over a lot of fees associated with selling an item at an auction.

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