Interested in collecting baseball bats as a hobby or investment? Baseball bats have been around since the late 1850s in America, and are great to collect. This article will provide everything you need to know when dealing with game-used or autographed baseball bats as collectibles, whether it is collecting, purchasing, or selling them.

The first step if you are new to collecting game-used or autographed baseball bats is to find a particular niche. What I mean by this is that it is smarter and more enjoyable to collect specific types of bats, whether vintage, from a particular player or team, and so on. Also, make sure that you have a particular budget in mind before starting to collect game-used or autographed baseball bats. Baseball bats can range from a few dollars to the most expensive, a Babe Ruth 1923 game-used bat valued at $1.3 million. Know what you want to pay for such a collection ahead of time so you can save yourself some headaches.

As far as where to purchase game-used or autographed baseball bats, the best and most inexpensive way is through the internet. There are numerous baseball bat dealers online, as well as auctions at which you can bid for particular baseball bats. While it can be inexpensive, it is also important to take into account authenticity. Before purchasing any baseball bat whatsoever, make sure that it has been authenticated by a reputable company. If you look the company up online and nothing shows up or the baseball bat does not have authenticity attached to it, it would be wise to pass up on it. Unfortunately there are many people out there who try to rip people off so always be cautious when purchasing a game-used or autographed baseball bat online. This goes for anywhere else as well. Two other places to check for baseball bats are local and regional hobby shops, pawn shops, and even some major league ballparks. Along with checking for authenticity, also make sure to have a general idea of what the particular item is worth by doing some research ahead of time. There are such things as baseball bat price guides, and it would behoove you to purchase one if you are going to be a serious collector.

After purchasing a game-used or autographed baseball bat, if it does not come with one already, get a display case for it. Buying a display case for the bat will not only provide a great way to show off the baseball bat but also keep it in a suitable condition for preserving. A preserved bat is one that will garner more money when it is sold. And besides, most baseball bats are not cheap so it is a good idea to take care of them.

When selling game-used or autographed baseball bats the best places are the ones where they are bought as well (maybe not ball parks, but the rest of them should). It if is an expensive baseball bat, it would be a much better idea not to sell it online but rather in person at a physical memorabilia auction of some sort. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a sports memorabilia auction either, as there are many general auctions that would be suitable as well. I would recommend consulting with someone who has done it before if at all possible. There are many online forums where baseball bats collectors reside where you can discuss this and many other things; it is always great to chat with fellow baseball bat collectors. It is a fantastic hobby and I hope that you will enjoy it as much as I do.

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