1931 Babe Ruth Type 1 First Generation Wire Photo

Posted on June 7th, 2011 by admin

Take a look at this outstanding 1931 first generation wire photograph of Babe Ruth. This photo shows Babe Ruth being carried off the field with an injury during the opening game of the 1931 season against the Boston Red Sox. The wire service is NEA Service, Inc. New York and the photograph is dated May 2, 1931.

The back of the photo says the following: “CARRING THE INJURED BABE FROM THE FIELD an injury to the left leg of Babe Ruth, reported a torn ligament, marred the official opening of the American League season in Boston, Mass. A series of mishaps, climaxed by his collapse in the sixth inning as he was chasing a two base hit from the bat of Oliver, Boston Red Sox outfielder, put the Yankee Slugger out of the game, and into the hospital. Despite the loss of the Bam, who may be out for a week or two, the Yanks won from the Sox. This picture telephotoed from Boston, shows the Babe being carried into the dressing room.

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